$1,000 from low priced Printables!!!

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you. I took your Printables by Number Course late last year. Since then I have opened my own Etsy shop full of printables. I plan to open a shop on my blog soon as well. I have made close to $1000 on my Printables! This is so exciting because they are all very low priced.”

Jennifer Student

"such an AMAZING team"

You two make such an AMAZING team and so likeable! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!

Lynn Van Norman

"courses are great and a great value"

I'm a big fan of Suzi Whitford's courses as well. They are great and a great value...even at regular price.

Debbie Gartner

"An awesome addition to my free printable library"

The courses and free printable templates that Suzi and John create and share are high quality, and formatted in a way that the theme can be changed so you can create multiple printables from the same template. An awesome addition to my free printable library!


"made it possible for me to do it myself"

“So far, you are the only one who has made it possible for me to do it myself without hiring a bunch of people.

I love your style, and I was drawn to your efficient and friendly approach to teaching that really broke things down step by step.

I can see that you really care about your readers and your community, and you have gone out of your way to help others and create priceless content that is ACTIONABLE.”


life-changing experience - You made my day!

Aww! You made my day yesterday!!! Thank you so much for covering my questions in your Facebook Live yesterday! I even had my husband watch it, too. You're very reassuring and motivational. Your video was just what I needed for that extra push and to know I'm not alone and that other mommies have been there, too.

I can't say thank you enough! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

Nikki Ballard

It was MUCH more than I expected!

I bought your course last Friday. I have started it and WOW! It was MUCH more than I expected! As always, Suzi, you deliver great quality content. Can't wait to work through the rest of it. I'm in my 4th month of blogging, but I know going through this course is going to make it SO much better!

Jennifer Miller Webb

"you guys have turned me into a superfan!"

Bought this template, soooo good! you guys have turned me into a superfan!

Pat Aragonmartin

"Suzi and her team are heaven sent"

It's all worth it! I started with the Blog by Number then the Little Product Launch kit and now with Printables by Number. I'm very thrilled to explore the unlimited possibilities that we can do. Suzi and her team are heaven sent. Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️

Zsa Zsa Aranas

"I got my site up in a couple of hours"

I took this course because I wanted a step-by-step setting up a blog. After enrolling I got my site up in a couple of hours. I would recommend it to anyone who wants help setting up a WordPress site. I was nervous it would be too hard, but it was step-by-step and easy to follow.


You made it look so simple!

Very nice. You made it look so simple, easy, and professional all at the same time. Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge.

Tedria Denise Student

I reached 102 sales on Etsy! I've officially made over $1000 (total) on Esty! Woo hoo!

Hi Suzi and John,

Happy Holidays! I hope you're all doing well.

I just wanted to drop in with another update for you guys and a big fat THANK YOU! I've been going though the printables by number course again after the recent update and thought I'd give Etsy another try.

I was starting to get some sales on the blog after my first time around but didn't really get Etsy off the ground.

I figured this update was my sign to focus on Etsy again and I'm so glad I did. Plus, my little guy has recently been diagnosed with autism and we really needed the funding to help with therapies for him so it was the kick in the butt I needed to get it going again.

I really stuck with it this time and focused on your advice and info in the course.

I niche down and started seeing some great momentum by October. By November I became a star seller!

Today I reached 102 sales on Etsy! I've officially made over $1000 (total on Etsy! Woo hoo!

This is all thanks to your wonderful course, your love and support of your students and all the positivity you spread.

Thank you! Thank you! I can't wait to add more and really grow my store over the next year and maybe even add some more stuff to sell on the blog.

I noticed you added another new section which I haven't checked out yet so time to dive in!

Love you guys so much!

Happy Holidays! Stay blessed :)

Cendu Param

"I love how the template saves me so much time"

I bought a Minimalistic Printable template because I’m a homeschooling mom of three trying to create financial freedom for our home!
I love how the template saves me so much time and gets me closer to helping my audience and our family! Thank you for all you do!!

Lindsey -LaSuer

"a great course"

I am taking the Printables by Number course so I can travel with my husband for his business and have a way to stay busy and earn an income no matter where we are — at home or on the road. I’m in the middle of the course and have a couple of dozen ideas for my Printables, and I’m learning more about Canva every day. I’m a newbie at graphic design, so there’s a learning curve, but I believe I can do it if I apply myself. Thanks for a great course!


"I am so glad I saw this video"

Omg! I am so glad I saw this video. I have been wanting to try my hand at creating printables but wasn't quite sure how to go about it and this video helped so much. From grad school and in my current job. I use powerpoint SO MUCH but I have never thought to use it for printables and definitely didn't know about the smart art thing.

Alexia Melo Carrillo

"I feel lucky to have found you"

I feel lucky to see the ads from Start a Mom Blog because once I have started showing interest in this business, I have continuously get bonus/benefit/giveaway/presents/coupon from time to time, from this product to another product. Just want to hang around Suzi and John's business as long as possible. To be honest, I deeply dig up their store to make sure I don’t miss any products/courses I need for my own business :))))


"you are in a league of your own"

I enjoyed the course today with Iza/Convertkit. You are a walking blogpedia, whenever Isa asked a question you always gave additional tips. I've said this before I have taken a couple of classes and been on quite a few FB lives from other bloggers and are you are in a league of your own. You are my inspiration!!!!


You guys are amazing together!

First of all...you're husband is amazing but you're amazing too! You guys are amazing together. That's the best way to put I! :) I'm so excited about the conference and look forward to hearing about it!

I literally can't wait to read your post! Like I told you before I have a vision for my blog to help moms and help my family but it can easily be an intimidating dream. You are a light, Suzi!

Lindsey LaSuer

"easy to follow, fun and jargon free method"

I started with the Blog by Number course 10 months ago, knowing absolutely nothing other than I wanted to learn to Blog and eventually ways to increase my income. I am not a computer whizz, and I am easily confused, however I found the course easy to follow, fun and enjoyed the down to earth jargon free method. Suzi and John constantly had me laughing, which I needed. It has been a slow process for me as I am a single Mum and carer of an adult son with autism, but I knew this is what I wanted to do. I then got the Little Product Launch kit and 100 Heros templates as this was all I could afford. I then proceeded to set up my very 1st Etsy store and learn all I could from any free You tube videos I could find of Suzi's. However, what I really want to do is the Printable by Number course to improve my shop and obviously improve my financial situation. I am hooked and I love the visual learning Suzi and John provide. If I could afford all the courses, I would. It is so important to me to be able to financially support my son and provide a good future for him and just know with some more training through these courses I could finally breath a little easier. Being able to do this around my son, at my pace is also great, but I sure did lose track of hours when I started the Blog by Number course, haha and before I knew it, it was like 2am, but worth it. I am still learning and am grateful that when I have got stuck or site crashed, Suzi and John have been there. I am in my 50's, who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks, because I am learning something new all the time, just doesn't always stick, so it is so good to be able to go back over course material at your finger tips to jog the old memory. Good onya Suzi & John, you have done so well for yourself and family, wish I had your energy, haha.


"The course is amazing!"

Since having my daughter almost a year ago and becoming a single mum 10 months ago, I've really wanted to be able to stay home and look after her. I bought Printables by Number because I don't have much free time and I want the time I do spend on my business to be productive. The course is amazing! It really breaks things down into easy bitesize steps that even a sleep-deprived mum can understand. I'm able to take action each day and feel like I've achieved something, no matter how small. I'm a perfectionist so I've started so many things but never been able to publish them because I've been scared I've not done a good enough job. But your encouragement and your reminders to 'take imperfect action' are incredibly helpful. Thank you for helping me to see that my dream to stay home with my daughter and not return to work is something I can actually achieve. And thank you for being a part of this journey with me!


"I am so impressed with the depth of thought"

I've purchased 4 classes from Freedom By Number and each time I am so impressed with the depth of thought and amount of time they have invested in helping people like me. I have so many ideas and inspiration but need a bit of hand-holding to make it all fall into place. Their courses are easy to follow, but it takes self-motivation& dedication.


"I’m so excited to grow my digital business!"

I’m currently working my way through the Printables by Number course. I love Suzi and John’s down-to-earth teaching style. Thank you for such an accessible course! It is very helpful for a busy mom like me with a lot on my mind anyway. I’m so excited to grow my digital business! Thank you!!

Katee James

it all began to make sense!!

You will LOVE how easy they explain step by step!! I have been working on my website for almost a year with other tutorials. Once I purchased Suzi's, it all began to make sense!! Best of luck to ya!!

Trish Barnard

"your emails have been super helpful and insightful"

So far I have only done the free download as I am just getting started. However, even just your emails and the tidbits in there have been super helpful and insightful. Thank you for all of that.


"helped me get UNSTUCK!"

Suzi and John helped me get UNSTUCK! I had purchased a blog building course from another site but it didn't give me many actionable steps and most of her suggestions you had to pay for. I was stuck in the same place for 1.5 years. When I bought Blog by Number, I was instantly given encouragement and steps I could act on! The thing they do best is teaching me HOW to accomplish each step with examples. They didn't just tell me to act on a theory, they showed me exactly how to do it through videos of them doing the process. My blog is up and running and I keep going back to some of the lessons to continue to perfect my craft!


I am so happy I found it!

Any of my friends who have thought… Man, I want to start a blog but OHHHH I have no idea where to start… You have to see this book! It is amazing! Really. In fact, I think every blogger should just have it in their arsenal just as a way to tweak things that aren’t working for them currently.
It really is a great resource. I am so happy I found it!

Not only is it an ebook with step by steps on starting a successful blog, BUT it has google docs and spreadsheets (these make me swoon) and templates created FOR YOU!

Dayna Student

"by far the best and most complete package"

I purchased this last year and have also purchased other programs, downloads and youtube videos and I'm gonna tell you right now that this is by far the best and most complete package and covers all aspects of the blog set up and all the info that you need to streamline it! Worth every penny!

Eva Rivera

"absolutely amazing and truly passionate"

I have taken almost all of Suzi's courses - and I have loved them all!!! List By Numbers helped me grow my email list from zero to 100 in just 30 days; Printables By Numbers took me step-by-step through the process of researching and coming up with ideas for, as well as designing, my own printables and opening my Etsy store, where I have already started making sales; Blog By Number held my hand throughout all my "tech anxiety" and with simple, over-the-shoulder videos, Suzi and John helped me to start my very own Blog!! I have purchased many of her template packages and use them over and over again to help me create new printables, mockups for my products and beautiful marketing materials. I would recommend her courses and products to anyone who dreams of starting their own online business, but has no idea where or how to start. Her videos are simple to follow, show incredible detail of the "HOW TO", so that you can succeed and reach your goals. Thank you Suzi and John, you are both absolutely amazing and truly passionate about what you do!

Charlene Manzoni

Your stuff is really unique and valuable!

I’m giving everything to my wife as she’s a new mom and you offer great inspiration and role model.

We’ve found your material and teaching amazing.

Really, I’ve been around the block for over 20 years now, not actively blogging but seen the insides and courses of all the famous ones.

Your stuff is really unique and valuable for two reasons:

1- it addresses being short in time. Which most of the others don’t. They require more time actually.

2- it’s a very step by step. The fact that you’re an engineer and designer adds gold to the mix.

Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and acknowledge and appreciate you and your work.

Keep it up, great Mama.

M. Shahin Student

First sale!

I'm in 10 days and made my first sale yesterday.

Anna Khan Student

"I am thankful I discovered you"

I TRULY appreciate you. You are an AWESOME mom, wife, business mentor, and role model!

I am thankful I discovered you and your beautiful family.

Karla Walker

"This course has shown me so much more"

I am a homeschool mum and wanted to start making printables suitable for the Australian curriculum to share. This course has shown me so much more, from setting out pages, to presentation and I am preparing to open my own printables store for others to use my work. Thank you for giving me the confidence to have a go and do something out of my comfort zone and the support and knowledge to do it.

Jodie Moss

$1,300 per month in less than a year

I’ve made over $1,300 each of the past 3 months and I’ve had close to 11,000 people sign up for my email list since the end of August. I’ve been blogging since mid-March, so not quite a year.

CHERYL B. Crochet Blogger

When I started blogging, I WISH I had this resource!!

I bought Suzi’s book Blog By Number and even as an established blogger, I found it extremely helpful. I was knocking on her door to be one of the first to purchase this course and Suzi once again didn’t disappoint!

When I started blogging I wish I had this resource. Instead, I paid someone almost $500 to do less than half of what Suzi teaches how to do in this course!

The step-by-step video tutorials on how to go from setting up your domain/hosting to publishing your first post are invaluable for a new blogger. I’ve picked up several shortcuts on time-consuming tasks like photo editing by taking this course. I highly recommend this to all new bloggers and even bloggers who have been blogging for years!

Monica Blogger

You have inspired so many women

Suzi I am so happy for you. You had inspired too many women, myself included. Sometimes I feel like my pre-launch is never ending but then magically I get one of your emails or I came across one of your pins and is that kick in the butt that I needed so can keep going.

Thank you so much. I have all your courses and you have no idea how much I've learned.



I made in total around $7000 with the launch and I only launched it to my segmented list of 300 people.”

Jia Course creator


“Yesss!! I‘m so happy, I just got to a new milestone and I‘m now making with this course around $5000 revenue/month and it’s really thank’s to your course.”

Tamara Course creator

absolutely LOVE your products!

First, I want to start by saying that I absolutely LOVE your products!! I learned so much from all of your courses especially the "List by Number" (course/ebook) courses. If it wasn't for your products, I would still be like a dog chasing my tail around and around in circles trying to figure out what to do next!

Brittanie Futrell-Davis

"It has been the most helpful by far!"

I took this course because I wanted to learn how to create printables that sell on Etsy and make a passive income to help my family financially. Suzi and John are the best teachers and are so cute to watch together! I've loved learning from them not only about how to make printables but most importantly - how to work on my mindset to do so and stay consistent. I've been busy coming up with my own ideas thanks to the tips from the research videos, and will soon be opening my Etsy shop in the phases laid out in the course. I've watched many YouTube videos and have even bought other courses, but Printables by Number has been the most helpful by far!

Stacy Erdman

"extremely beneficial for my website and you go above and beyond"

I purchased the Blog by Number and Printables Courses. They have both been extremely beneficial to me for my website. When I need help I can go back to the courses and watch videos or review the text. If I have questions, I email you all and you get back usually the same day or the next with the answer. This is great and you go above and beyond.

Joyce Rowley

Saved me countless hours of frustration

Blog by Numbers is fantastic! As a first-time blogger, with big ideas and no direction, this book was instrumental in helping me implement and structure my blog.

I felt like I was having a conversation with a friend!

Suzi offers free templates, handy printable guides, stock images and many other resources outside of the tips and step by step instructions of how to build a blog.

Suzi explains how Pinterest and other social media outlets can grow readership and makes these channels accessible to her readers.

I am so incredibly thankful I found her book before I even started my blog. It saved me countless hours of frustration and feeling isolated in the process.

Honestly, without her tips and email encouragement, I likely would have given up before I’d finished my website.

Corinne Blogger

"We are all so excited to write a book together"

I have purchased 4 of Suzi and John previous courses and I just LOVE them! When I saw they have a workshop for children's books, my husband and I jumped on it! We have three kiddos, one on the way and our summer project as a family is going to be to write a book together! We are all so excited and the kids are so creative and engaged. Suzi and John make it so easy to figure out the online details, you just get to create and have fun! Thanks Suzi and John!

Brenna Osmolinski

"has so much information that's presented in a clear and helpful way"

The Blog by Number course is helping me to get my blog set up. It has so much information and everything is presented in a clear and helpful way. It is also more affordable than many other courses out there. I highly recommend this course!


"so detailed and super easy to follow and completely actionable"

The course is so detailed and super easy to follow and completely actionable. I’ve just listed my first item and can’t wait to grow this!


Your course taught me so many things

I have just completed your Blog By Number Course - I loved it!! THANK YOU!!!

I have been blogging for years and this is the third time I have tried to make money by blogging (although I have two other fun blogs) - somehow I have just never been able to get it right because so much information in the courses I've taken just didn't give me enough to really grasp it. It's like the carrot was dangled but then just out of my reach as information was lacking. Your courses taught me so many things I did not know, even years after blogging. I can't thank you enough and I'll be implementing your strategies over the next few months. Thanks again - by the way, when I filled out my survey I mentioned that you should add some info on increasing subscribers and how to use convertkit - haha, the jokes on me - I see there is bonus material at the bottom of the course - silly me! Thanks again for a GREAT course!!

Caroline Hemingway

"It has been a life saver!"

I just wanted to say thank you :) I finally watched your new video on creating a homepage with Gutenberg. It has been a life saver! Originally I had a different theme so when I would follow some of your videos I would get a little lost and eventually took a break/gave up. I ended up using just a list of my blog titles as my homepage until I had the time and energy to focus on making it look better. It was so dull and ugly. Now that I'm taking your Printables course and have made a quick opt-in, I wanted the homepage to look nicer.

And oh boy does it look completely different!

Now I'm excited about my blog again because it looks so much more cleaner and organized and I'm not ashamed of telling people about it.


"Their plan is sustainable and they make it super fun!"

Suzi and John present their materials in a way that is perfect for people who are new to starting an online business. The templates are so easy to customize and are relevant to today’s online shopper. Their plan is sustainable and they make it super fun!

Karen c

Making sales every 1-3 days!

Your system is working!! I'm also at day 30, I have 15 products in my shop and I'm almost at $100 in revenue! I've been making sales every 1-3 days! Thank you so much for what you do!! I'm excited to keep going through the course and building my little business!

Krista Kalinowski Student

"I just hit 40 sales and my first $100!"

I took this course as a way to start my digital printable shop on Etsy. I started at the end of March and today, I just hit 40 sales and my first $100! With only being able to focus on my shop part time, I am so happy with my progress thus far! The sky is the limit and I know John and Suzi have my back! I purchased Freedom by Number and hope to complete that course soon! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

Christy Nary

"excellent materials"

First off, THANK YOU for all of the hard work you put into all of the excellent materials you produce!


always giving me hope

I can't wait for this and your free 3-day webinar, Suzi.

Thank for always giving me hope with this blogging thing!

Angela Bontempo

"so informative and I can go at my own pace"

I recently purchased the class and each course is so informative and I love that I can go at my own pace.


"lovingly share how to be successful"

Suzi and John are not only patient and willing to teach me the 'how to' but they do so in a non-pushy way. They are a knowledgeable, compassionate, and faith based couple that lovingly share how to be successful so that we too can live life we are supposed to!

Christine Gonsalves

My course sold out!!

I had only heard of courses getting sold out so far...and here we are ❤️ ❤️ you are so awesome!!

Mala Magotra Course creator

"I am getting closer to having an actual blog"

I got this course because I want to try my hand at blogging. Unfortunately I am an over thinker and will not start and do. Working with this course I am getting closer to having an actual blog. I have the site, I have the domain and now I just need to pull the trigger.


Well-thought courses and ebooks

I first came across Suzi's 12-month blog plan in 2020.I followed it to the T except I got my digital product out in the first 2 months and sold it to only people who knew me. But when I followed her step-by-step plan in Blog by Number course, I got my first tripwire set up. It was so easy thanks to Suzi's way of teaching.

"Absolutely brilliant, a game changer"

Absolutely brilliant. The information/templates are a game changer and give me the motivation to keep trying. Thank you so much, keep up the great work.

Fiona Russell

You are the real deal

Wow. Thank you so much. God bless you. This video has been very helpful. You are the real deal.

Schola M

"I now have gotten 300 sales in the past month!"

I took the Printables By Number course because I wanted a friendly hand to guide me through the ideas and process of creating printables to sell on Etsy. I was nervous and overwhelmed, but you helped me to feel more confident. I am still on the journey of learning but have opened my Etsy shop. It started slow, but I now have gotten 300 sales in the past month! If I can create printables without a lot of tech knowledge or experience, then you absolutely can as well!


Awesome & helpful!

Your courses are so awesome & helpful! ❤️

Britney Tuminez Student

"I was definitely getting my money's worth"

I signed up to your Blog By Number course, and I just want to first say thank you!! I'm really enjoying it, and it was exactly what I was looking for! I could tell within the first few lessons that I was definitely getting my money's worth. ;) I love the video tutorials (I always learn better with video) and just as a personal shout out, you are very easy to listen to with your clear explanations and fun personality! #bonus


"highest quality content"

I have never interacted with a business more dedicated to providing the highest quality content possible to everyone wanting to build a blog or online business. Not only do they offer highly detailed, step-by-step instructions via paid programs for accomplishing those goals, they also offer lots of videos and testimonials on YouTube for the benefit of those without the funds to purchase their products!! Additionally, their newsletter shares current sales promotions, making their products even more affordable. If you are currently in need of the high-quality content they offer but cannot possibly afford to purchase them right now, they still provide a way for the highly motivated to keep moving toward their goals until they, hopefully, can purpose their products and reach them much more quickly!! I cannot thank them enough for providing me with such an amazing opportunity to learn and to help myself, even when they are not making any money for doing so!!!

Susan Sloan

"I was so excited to make $500 in a year from printables, and last year $1000"

Hello Suzi, John, and the rest of the team,

Happy Monday! I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your support over the past few years. I know you guys know what it's like to have little kids at home... I had 3 in 2.5 years. I came across Start a Mom Blog when I was pregnant with my second, and have enjoyed the journey ever since. My vision has changed a few times between now and then, but I am so excited now that my kids are slightly older (2.5-5yrs old now) to have more time to dedicate to growing my business.

I remember the first year, I was so excited to have made just $40 off my blog, then two years ago I was so excited to make $500 in a year from printables, and last year $1000. It's not a whole lot, but I also really only had 1 hour a week. I have been spending the past few months re-watching courses and re-reading books to take what I have and continue building up.

I am working on finishing up a summer activity bundle and have been playing around creating a sales page and sales funnel, and it really is fun. I obviously hope to make money from it, but even if I don't, I had fun learning something new.

All that to say, thank you for teaching me something new and virtually supporting me and the rest of your students, but most importantly, thank you for virtually keeping me company in the early years of parenting and giving me my own little outlet.

Have a great week! I know you guys are probably gearing up for summer break!

Melissa Batchman

You do amazing work, and provide indispensable product

Based on your email talking about what you find to be useful from the Genius Bloggers Toolkit, I used your affiliate link and bought it. I took your course first and then took the other "Getting Started" courses and let me just say, they don't hold a candle to yours. Yours compared to EVERYONE else had organized content, upbeat videos, colorful and helpful visuals, and a was really a product worth purchasing. I can't say that about the others - for some, I came away confused, received a bunch of irrelevant emails, watched depressing videos, and didn't have a great outlook on my chances of blogging. SO, THANK YOU! Your courses were the light in what seemed like a dark, nearly impossible feat. It gave me back the optimism that I could actually pull this off with a good attitude and grit. You do amazing work, and provide an indispensable product - keep it up!


"breaks everything down into bite-sized pieces"

I was completely overwhelmed until I started going through Blog by Number! Suzi breaks everything down into bite-sized pieces. If I can do it, so can you!


Increasing and Diversifying my blog income stream!

Thank you so much for your Printables by Number course!

I took the course last summer and it has been SO helpful with increasing and diversifying my blog income stream with different approach. I love that you took the time to create mock-up templates that are ready for your students to use - such a time saver! OMG I rely on them!! I also enjoy your teaching style of hand-holding beginners who are new in the printable space! I created my first money management budget printable product and I can't believe that I'm actually earning a PASSIVE income with them on my website. You are awesome and I'd recommend any blogger, new experienced, to take your printables course! It's so worth the investment! TY you are amazing! ❤️❤️

Finsavvy Panda Student

"it is considerably underpriced for all the information it contains"

Congratulations on the updates for the Blog by Number course! Looking through it - I think it is considerably underpriced for all the information it contains.



“I happened on Suzi. I’ll tell you what, waking up to an extra $15, $30, $100, $1,000 , or $5,000 dollars in my account isn’t small potatoes. It totally adds up!”

Jodi Course creator

Printables By Number course saved me a ton of time.

It is so kind of you to go the extra mile and add chapter markers for all videos. I just wanted to stop by to appreciate and thank you.

I’ve not seen anyone do so much for her students.

I also wanted to show you (and this will make you proud) that one of your calendar templates from the Printables By Number course saved me a ton of time. Now, you won’t believe this but I created a calendar series by using only that one template. I’m attaching some pictures as proof.

I also learned that your method of making PDFs in ppt is much better. The document size of printables I made in ppt after going through that training came out much much smaller compared to similar PDF files I made in Canva last year which was a headache if you have a lot of PDFs to upload on your blog.

God bless you.

Hena B. Student

"add so much value to their products"

I purchased Printable by Numbers course and Printable’s. Suzi and John because they add so much value to either their products and/or courses, include thorough instructions and have great customer service for any questions that I might have. This is why I continue to be a customer and recommend them to my network.

Julie Ryan

Highly recommended any of her courses.

I don't have this one...yet! But I do have most of Suzi's other products. They ALWAYS deliver. She explains each and every step and never misleads to make something look easier than it actually is. Highly recommend any of her courses.

Quinn P Cummings

I love your blog so much!

Hi Suzi, I love your blog so much! Your posts are actually ones that help me because they are so practical. The videos are brilliant too, I know I will always learn something new and valuable. I'm hoping to launch my own blog called The Work Life Blend very soon, I'm in the writing phase (and with two young children, it feels like I have been in this stage for ages!) and I would love to feature your website in one of my posts about amazing websites that offer stylish stock photos. Do you allow link backs to your site and would it be ok if I add you? Thank you.


"so simple that you just know you CAN do it"

I just love anything John and Suzi creates. I'm working my way through the Printables by Number course because I want to eventually replace my 9-5. Last week I created my Etsy shop and I'm adding the finishing touches to my first digital product ever! I never saw myself doing anything like this a couple of years ago but the course is so simple and easy to follow you just know you can do it and not get stuck on tech or unfamiliar terms.

Kathy Bassitt

"simple and straightforward course"

Oh my goodness I am SO happy with the new course! I'm working through it right now and it is helping me so much. Thank you for all the hard work you've put into it and for making it such a simple and straightforward course to go through!! So excited to continue making digital products and sharing them with the world!

Krista Kalinowski

"very informative and fun to go through"

I have taken this course for the hope to learn how to make my own passive income and do things I love and share it with the world. I am still in the creating process, and I am so excited to start selling. The course is very informative and fun to go through; I highly recommend it :)
I hope that I had found it earlier!

Amira Sharaf

'I made a beautiful site I am proud of"

I loved taking Blog by Number, it gave me the confidence to create my own blog on WordPress! As a former non-techie person I really struggled, but Suzi and John made it super simple with simple-to-follow tutorials and over-the-shoulder walkthroughs. I made a beautiful site I am proud of, and I learned how to create amazing content for my blog. I really enjoyed learning from Suzi and John, I've never met such knowledgeable people who were so humble and happy to help me achieve my goals.

Beth Ann Averill

My mouth is still dragging on the ground

When I saw your email & it said personal video I just thought some prerecorded thing 2 help. BUT!!! I was blown over that it was actually a TRUE personal video. I wanted to cry.. Seriously!! I have NEVER had an experience w/ any company that puts what you do into your clients. I've been on this blue marble awhile sooo that's saying a lot about YOU!! My mouth is still dragging on the ground.

You are, besides being adorable 2 watch, an absolute treasure. It is so refreshing 2 see 2 people be so genuine in this jaded world.


"actionable and have your handheld"

I took the Blog by Number course because I wanted to achieve a blog helping single moms budget and save. After enrolling, I accomplished the following blog setup with John and Suzi helped fill in how to write a post. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be actionable and kinda have your handheld. I had fears that I couldn't do this but after I started implementing all the steps blog is up and I went on to purchase the Printable by Number course as well.


"Always keep the course updated!"

First of all, you both are a joy to watch on video. Your ease and knowledge help me to believe in my abilities and all things possible with content creation. I feel like you ‘have my back’. My favorite course is your blogging course. It’s so thorough and filled with valuable information. It’s super wonderful that you keep it updated! And at no extra cost, that’s a small miracle. I truly appreciate all that you offer and teach. You’re my go to dynamic blogging gurus! Thank you for all you do. Xx Sky


"I always learned something new"

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! This is the biggest wall I hit every day! I struggle so much with self-confidence and wanting to share who I am and what I have to offer! Thank you for the tips! I love knowing that whenever I read something of yours, I'm going to walk away having learned something new! You're the best! ❤️

Josephine J Keeler

"They are truly a blessing!"

I started on the blogging journey about 5 years ago and Suzi's main course start a mom blog gave me all the tools I needed to create a foundation. And I fell in love with their other courses too. Suzi and John are generous and make the process so simple for getting started on generating income online. They are truly a blessing!


This is such a confidence boost!

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your Printables by Number course. Today I sold my first printable coloring book (well actually this is the first thing I have ever sold). So far I have made $300 off of a $3 coloring book

I can’t believe it! This is such a confidence boost. Tomorrow is my birthday and I feel over the moon knowing that I created something people actually wanted to purchase! Best birthday gift to myself

Thank you for your help with a big personal win for me!”

Leslie Student

"love the lifetime access"

I have been a customer for close to 4 years. I love your training and especially love that once purchased, it’s mine forever and you update it.

Kimberly De Jong

"I have gained invaluable wisdom and insight"

You all are the most amazing humans on the planet :) Last year I had the pleasure of discovering The Freedom By Number shop, and I cannot express my gratitude enough for the incredible courses offered by Suzi and John. I sustained a traumatic brain injury in 2018. I felt called to guide my fellow TBI survivors in finding support and answers about recovery and post-TBI life. I was unsure how to accomplish such a task until I found The Freedom By Number shop.

Through the Blog by Number, Printables by Number, and Course by Number courses, I have gained invaluable wisdom and insight that has empowered me to create my own traumatic brain injury website and printable resources. The content in each of their courses is rich and comprehensive. The perfect balance between the business and tech components has made learning incredibly easy and enjoyable.

Thanks to Suzi and John's expert guidance and inspiration, I now have the vehicles to offer peace, hope, and answers to my fellow TBI survivors. Suzi and John's hard work and passion have deeply impacted my life. I promise to pay it forward by continuing to develop valuable resources for my community. I highly recommend The Freedom By Number shop to anyone seeking the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their online endeavors.

Erin Johnson

My daughter is now a published author!

I just wanted to say thank you. My daughter, Brooke, is 14 years old. We were able to spend 1 hour watching your video and then spend some time with my daughter creating a story for a children's book. She decided to write about the true adventures of our dog, Rocky. It's called, True Tails: Rocky's Lake Adventure. It was easy and so much fun. I was able to spend some quality time with my daughter as she worked on the story. On top of that, she is now a published author and she now feels accomplished. Thank you!

Michael & Brooke Banuchi

"the amount I learned is incredible"

I had been looking for something as a new mom to help me start an online business. I am a single mum with a little boy. So my time is very limited. There were so many ‘ shiny objects’ getting my attention and I never took action. I came across Suzi and John and I bought Freedom by Number and blog and a few of their other courses and templates! I have finally taken action and have an Etsy store am adding to it and building it up and have made my own coloring book, children’s book and a funnel! It’s incredible the amount I have learned and taken action on. I love it and am inspired to keep going and make this a full-time income. I highly recommend all of their products and courses to save a ton of time but also teach you with clear easy steps! No tech knowledge needed ! I had so many fears of not being able to do it and now I am so confident to keep going! Thank you Suzi and John


"easy to customized"

Suzi Whitford has great templates that she sells and are easy to customized in Canva.

Gertrude Nonterah

"I love the ease of use of the products"

I love the ease of use of the products…giving bite-sized tasks so one doesn’t get overwhelmed and at the same time feeling accomplished!


"a valuable and insightful course!"

I took the Course By Number because I wanted to achieve my dream of creating my own course. After enrolling, I accomplished the following: I learned how to identify my Big Why, which gave me the motivation to move forward and create a course that truly resonates with my audience. The course also provided me with practical steps on how to create and structure my course, how to create a course outline, and how to make my course engaging and interactive for my students. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to create their own course, but doesn't know where to start. The Course By Number provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a successful course. I had these fears at first, but after I started the course, I felt confident and excited about creating my own course. Thank you, Suzi and John, for creating such a valuable and insightful course!

Hoang Lan Phuong


“I absolutely adore Suzi’s Course By Numbers!

I was completely lost when I first decided to create an ecourse. I had no idea what to include in it? How to ensure I created a course that would sell? And most importantly how I was meant to market and launch my ecourse to the big online world?

Following Suzi’s step by step method, I was able to not only enjoy the creation process but to go on to create over $12,000 (so far) from my very first ecourse!

Thank you so much Suzi for creating such a helpful and motivating course. You really inspired me to keep going on my ecourse journey and take it all the way to LAUNCH.

So I could actually see the rewards from all the hard work I put in!”

Laura Course Creator

"The course is very detailed and easy to follow"

This has been the best thing I’ve ever brought and invested in. The course is very detailed and easy to follow. It has also given me confidence to just dive in and go with my own biz. Thank you.

Julie Tam

"I love the format and flow of this course!"

I am working through Printables by Number because I wanted to learn about printables and start building a passive income in hopes to scale up and retire my husband from truck driving. I love the format and flow of this course! I am planning on working my way through a number of these courses! This is the most I've gotten from a paid course!


"love the downloads"

I love the downloads. Can't wait to get my paws deep into the documents and see what I can get out of them and put into them to create a presence with them.

Diana Carroll

I sold over 125 items on 98 orders, and $250 in revenue.

Hello Suzi & John and Team,

I'm not really sure why I'm emailing you. It's not much of a success story yet. I just wanted to tell you my results so far. It's so tiny, but I'm proud of the little success I had, and I appreciate the time and effort you put into the course. I actually bought your course about a year ago now, and I hit the ground running. Then almost as soon as I started, my entire house flooded, and everything came to a grinding halt for me and my son. Once the house was fixed, I had to then turn around and sell it, so I've been remodeling and selling my house for about 8 of the 11 months since I bought your course. Despite everything going on in my life, I still managed to sell over 125 items on 98 orders, and $250 in revenue.

I still have a lot to learn, and I'm basically starting over with your course so that I can fully devote the time and attention to it that I need to make this a success. I'm a little all over the place with my niche and I can't quite settle on what works for me yet, but I know I'll get there. I've especially enjoyed working with AI Art, and I'm having a blast with Midjourney. But I really want to take this step-by-step to learn everything I can. Because with everything I had going on, and I was still able to bring in a little extra, it obviously works.

Thank you again for all you do!

Elizabeth Njukan

"Can't say enough good things!!"

You'll love her courses!!! I've learned more in the last 2 weeks than blogging for 2 years on my own!! Can't say enough good things!!

Kelcey Grimes

I put in the work years ago, and I'm STILL getting paid for it!

I am so grateful for you, and the impact you’ve had on my life, Suzi!

I’ve made several sales this week!

Since taking Printables by Number I’ve been working hard to create a passive income for my family.

Every time I get a sale I am so thrilled. I put in the work one time, sometimes as long ago as 2017,

and I’m still getting paid for it. How cool is that?

Beth Ann Student

"immediately felt inspired by the positive and authentic energy!"

Suzi and John, you are awesome! I found you on Facebook, immediately felt inspired by your positive and authentic energy! I am only starting with my online business as a mom and because of you I understood the chances I have with digital products! Thank you for giving me knowledge and perspective! Hugs from Hamburg, Germany!

Rosa Maria Ertl

50+ Students in an Art Journaling Course!

“After the Facebook live (premiere video), people went nuts about the course.

It’s already 50 students until now.

Thank you so much for giving me a nudge to do that video. It’s a great experience.

And I love how you motivated me to make things simple. I’m truly a fan for life!

Thank you, thank you, thaaank you!”

Ivana Course creator

Thank you both for sharing your proven ideas and system

I had a blast creating this 21-page ebook for children about the power of prayer. I had a great time watching Jasper Art come up with some amazing pictures that even opened my mind to other ideas for amazon ebook. And what can I tell you, Jasper io is an amazing writing tool. I can't thank you enough. Before I stumble upon one of your sites, I didn't know the existence of Jasper. When you are writing, sometimes you just need a push on ideas and Jasper does that and more. It was really fun creating this ebook and there will be more to come! Thank you both for sharing your proven ideas and system. Love you guys!


"within 2 weeks, I had 40 sales!"

Hi Suzi, John and fellow content-creators! I've been following Suzi's emails for years and have really loved her passion for creating amazing content.. with tons of tips, and actionable steps. I have also felt Suzi has been like a best friend, making me believe I can achieve more. I have several of Suzi's and John's courses, but the latest one for me that stands out is the 'Printables By Number'. I am a published Illustrator, so realised I could create artwork for other 'home-preneurs', bloggers and printable shop owners, so set about creating 'Enchanting Fairies & Magical Friends Coloring Book Design Kit.' A fellow printable shop owner, Becky at 'Mom Beach' posted this to her list and it sold so well with quality affiliates contacting me asking to recommend the kit too. Jay at Coloring Galaxy then promoted it and within 2 weeks, I had 40 sales! (I'd imagined how I'd feel waking up and seeing I'd made money while I slept! Well that came true! And I can report it feels very exciting!) I love knowing that we are all co-creators, helping each other thrive. My coloring book kit helps other creators fast-track their content-creation and make income on Etsy, Amazon and their own printable shops. Thank you to Suzi and now John for encouraging me and keeping me motivated on this new journey! I am slowly building up my own printable shop and blog, also, which will have free drawing tutorials on for children... that is still in construction as I've been so busy with my Coloring Book Kit!