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Free Training: How I Retired My Husband By Selling Tiny Digital Products

...and exactly what I would do differently if I had to start all over again!

Here's Everything You Can Get Today With the Little Product Launchkit (Save 50% Today!)

Tool #1

The Launch Roadmap ($197 Value)

This is your cure for overwhelm when launching your first digital product. Packed with 100 actionable, step-by-step instructions, this roadmap takes you all the way from idea to launch with complete clarity.

Simply take each step one at a time, and in no time you will have your product created and selling, with nothing falling through the cracks.

Tool #2

Customizable Printable Templates ($197 Value)

Information alone doesn’t create products that fly off the shelf. Beautiful design can create an emotional connection and instantly multiply the perceived value of your product.

But creating beautiful designs is HARD! So I put together 7 professionally designed templates that can be used for free in CANVA, which make perfect freebies or low priced products that can instantly convert your readers into buyers.

Tool #3

Complete 32-layout ebook design ($197 Value)

One of the best ways to get started selling digital products is by creating a premium ebook. You can share your expertise, automate sales, and the profits can be greater than 95%!

But nobody wants to read a boring word document! This beautiful, 32-layout design pack will let you create a gorgeous ebook that your customers in record time.

Bonus #1

Picture Perfect Sales Page Formula ($177 Value)

Don’t fall into the trap of focusing all your energy on your product, and zero effort on your marketing! Your sales page is the most crucial aspect to your business’s success. This high-converting format walks through the 5 elements of my most successful sales pages, so you can launch your product with confidence.

Bonus #2

3 High-Converting Product Mockups ($97 Value)

Once you have your beautifully designed product, you’ll need to know how to show it off to stop everyone’s scroll and make them drool over your digital goodies! These mockups are PERFECT to draw attention, drive clicks, and deliver customers to your door!

Bonus #3

Complete Welcome Email Series ($47 Value)

Building your email list is how you build a long-lasting, sustainable business. With this welcome email series, you’ll be sure to build the right relationships with each new subscriber so your emails will always be opened, and your subscribers will LOVE you!

Bonus #4

The "Lucky-Launch" Email Sequence ($97 Value)

If the idea of having to “sell,” makes your skin crawl, this is exactly for you! How you send the emails – the words you say, the sequence to make sure that every email counts.. it’s an art and a science that we have developed over 8+ years. All yours – plug and play and launch your product!

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