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Hear from Past Customers

life-changing experience – You made my day!

Aww! You made my day yesterday!!! Thank you so much for covering my questions in your Facebook Live yesterday! I even had my husband watch it, too. You’re very reassuring and motivational. Your video was just what I needed for that extra push and to know I’m not alone and that other mommies have been there, too.

I can’t say thank you enough! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

Nikki Ballard

$12,946 IN ONE DAY!

“My launch went WAY better than I anticipated! I made almost $13,000 in just over 24 hours. Like I seriously cannot even believe that!!!”

Liesel Teen Course Creator

I went through the course all day today – Loved it!!

I was one of the first to sign up and I went through the course all day today. Loved it and when I have my course set up I’ll let you know. 🙂

Valerie Sims Student

$2,000+/ month teaching Chinese to Homeschoolers!

“I have started creating my 1st online course last July, and I just finished my 1st launch of my online course TODAY, Introducing Chinese at Home. And I’ve a total of $2132 sale from Teachable.

YEAH!!! It was SO HARD and SO FUN! I’m so glad I didn’t wait and did it.

I’ve enrolled your Course by Number and followed it.”

Po Tim King Course creator

Awesome & helpful!

Your courses are so awesome & helpful! ❤️

Britney Tuminez Student


No one can replace your brilliance!!! 🤗

Therese Douillard Course creator

It’s perfect timing for me!

So excited to get into this course! I’ve bee blogging for a little over six months and finally have course idea, so it’s perfect timing for me. Thanks so much for sharing all your expertise! 🙂

Sarah Hunt Course creator

Can’t wait to create my first course!

Just bought it! Can’t wait to create my first course!

Kevinand Kim Bagley Course Creator

50+ Students in an Art Journaling Course!

“After the Facebook live (premiere video), people went nuts about the course.

It’s already 50 students until now.

Thank you so much for giving me a nudge to do that video. It’s a great experience.

And I love how you motivated me to make things simple. I’m truly a fan for life!

Thank you, thank you, thaaank you!”

Ivana Course creator

My course sold out!!

I had only heard of courses getting sold out so far…and here we are ❤️ ❤️ you are so awesome!!

Mala Magotra Course creator

You have inspired so many women

Suzi I am so happy for you. You had inspired too many women, myself included. Sometimes I feel like my pre-launch is never ending but then magically I get one of your emails or I came across one of your pins and is that kick in the butt that I needed so can keep going.

Thank you so much. I have all your courses and you have no idea how much I’ve learned.


Her methods work.

Totally anything Suzi Whitford has – I have taken all of her courses and she’s amazing. Her methods work.

Grandi Michelle

Teaching Medicine Over Zoom!

And here I am! Last year we did a soft launch midway through the school year so this is our first school year that we’re starting with the end-of-summer rush. I cannot believe that I was able to take what I learned from you and build it into this! It all looks so real and professional…because it IS real! I’ve used some other resources along the way (mostly the free trainings from Convertkit, the help articles on Wix, and borrowing ideas I see other people using) but the foundation is all you. Taking Course By Number was some of the best money I ever spent!

Dr. Robin Dickinson


“I happened on Suzi. I’ll tell you what, waking up to an extra $15, $30, $100, $1,000 , or $5,000 dollars in my account isn’t small potatoes. It totally adds up!”

Jodi Course creator

I could not stop watching

I want to start off by saying a HUGE thank you for your blog. I have wanted to start a blog for years. I would create it, get overwhelmed, delete and call the web host to get my money back because I could not do it!

This time I asked my sister if she would be interested in helping me start a blog. We are around the same age and in similar stages of life. We decided to start a lifestyle blog about things we love. I was encouraged but still square one with the website.

Again I felt defeated and wanted to quit. The only reason I continued was because I had someone else this time relying on me, I could not stop. I started searching on Pinterest for help. I actually found you through a video you created about Creating A Free Printable using Powerpoint and Canva. I was almost in tears by the time I was over because you were just hanging out on a Thursday night (I remember thinking that was so awesome) helping others you did not know create something so powerful to use on their own blog. I immediately ran to your blog and read everything I could. I even told my husband all about your video and showed him what I did in just 30 minutes.

The next morning I purchased the Blog by Number course plus Post by Numbers bundle. I COULD NOT STOP watching. You answered EVERY SINGLE QUESTION I had about creating a website. You answer questions I did not know I had! Your videos were amazing. I will be completely honest I think $97 for the bundle was a steal because your videos are worth so much more.

I would put the kids to bed and stay up until 2-3am watching your video on one screen and fixing my website on another screen. I have already gone back to rematch several videos to remind myself of your tips and tricks.

You are an amazing person to create all of this! You have been so helpful in so many parts of my blog journey. I appreciate all of the hard work you have put into the Blog by Number course. You are a great teacher and such a helpful person. I can truly see God shining through you to help others.

Thank you once again for all of your help in my blogging journey. I pray that you have continuous growth and blessings in your life!

Jennifer Student

really is a steal for the price

For all the content information you have in BBN it really is a steal for the price. Thank you for presenting the materials in such a down to earth, understandable way.

It comes through that you care and love your customers and want to see us succeed. Thank you so much.



“Yesss!! I‘m so happy, I just got to a new milestone and I‘m now making with this course around $5000 revenue/month and it’s really thank’s to your course.”

Tamara Course creator

I’m slow, but it still works!

Yes! I do it with 5 kids under 6. It’s slow but it works!

Jacqueline Vandenberg Course creator

$17,500 in one month with a Birthing CourseIN ONE MONTH WITH A BIRTHING COURSE

“I’m at about $17,500 in total sales this month in Teachable so far with my launch included!”

Liesel Course Creator



Cristina Ortiz-Alvarez Student

$2,382 in one month!

Hi Suzi,

I wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for all that you do and share.

You also inspired me to create my first mini-course, Freelance Developer Jumpstart. I even used your video on printables to create the graphics for the sales page! Given the success of the Jumpstart course, I’ve recently published my full course, Freelance Developer Masterclass.

With 2,000 subscribers, I generated $2,382 dollars last month between my courses and affiliate income, my highest monthly revenue so far!

I turn 31 years old next week on April 30th. For me, discovering your blog was one of the best birthday gifts I could have ever recieved!

Thank you so much!


Hahna Course creator


I made in total around $7000 with the launch and I only launched it to my segmented list of 300 people.”

Jia Course creator

I woke up at 2:45 AM to get started!

I woke up at 2.45am here in Australia and got it…but now I want to stay up and start!

Fiona Stott Student


“I just made $7191 from 2 Teachable courses in 3 months!!! I can’t believe it, and I’ll be making more soon. That’s how much I’ve made in these 2 new courses launched in January 2021 (Tai Chi Easy = $579) and in March (Sand Tray Therapy = $6619)!!”

Beth Course creator

It WILL be worth it!

I am excited I got it! No matter what price you pay it WILL be worth it! 👏👏👏👏

Therese Douillard Student

Her methods work. It’s amazing

Totally anything Suzi Whitford has – I have taken all of her courses and she’s amazing. Her methods work.

Grandi Michelle Student


“I absolutely adore Suzi’s Course By Numbers!

I was completely lost when I first decided to create an ecourse. I had no idea what to include in it? How to ensure I created a course that would sell? And most importantly how I was meant to market and launch my ecourse to the big online world?

Following Suzi’s step by step method, I was able to not only enjoy the creation process but to go on to create over $12,000 (so far) from my very first ecourse!

Thank you so much Suzi for creating such a helpful and motivating course. You really inspired me to keep going on my ecourse journey and take it all the way to LAUNCH.

So I could actually see the rewards from all the hard work I put in!”

Laura Course Creator

Solid Busienss Based Entirely on Evergreen Products I can Sell For Years!

I just wanted to give you a big thank you for your help getting started! I am supporting my family and my assistant, which is great, but more importantly you helped build a solid business that’s based entirely on evergreen products that I can continue to sell for years. I’m always creating more but it’s not at a frenetic pace…I can focus on quality over quantity.

Taking Course By Number was some of the best money I ever spent!

Dr. Robin Dickinson Doctor

I’m doing it! Looking forward to learning more from you!

I’m doing it! Looking forward to learning more from you!

Nicole Salama Tenenbaum Course creator


“I launched my Finnish online course yesterday and over 50 students enrolled! I’m so grateful for Couse by Number! Thank you!”

Varpu Course creator

Love everything you have produced!!!

Love everything you have produced!!!

Joye Ottaviano Student

one heck of a teacher!

I need to get a blog started first (currently on the blog by number course) but reading about this course makes me so excited for future possibilities! You are one heck of a teacher!

Claire Tipton Student

I have the course and it is FANTASTIC!

Thank you! I have the course and it is FANTASTIC! I am working through it slowly – got derailed but am back on track so thank you for continuing to add such valuable resources!

Kristen Westcott

$20,000+ from a low-priced course! IN SALES FROM A LOW PRICED COURSE!

“I made a little over $20k sales total from the $37 sticker course plus bump offers and upsells…. many people bought the bump offers and upsells!“

Carmen Course Creator

Your course is amazing

Thanks for sharing. I totally I agree with all the comments. Your course is amazing and the step by step process of posting my first post. I among love watching your videos on YouTube.

You have become my new mentor and my online best friend.😊💕👍💐🙏

Mellonie Warren