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What can I Win?

One random text testimonial will receive access to all currently available printables!

One random video testimonial will receive access to all currently available courses!

How do I enter?

To enter the text testimonial, click the button above that says "Write a text testimonial." Fill in the form honestly and truthfully, and click submit! That's it!

To enter a video testimonial, click the button above that says "Record a video testimonial." You will be sent to a simple page that will allow you to record a video from your phone, laptop, or tablet device. No software required, and it only takes about 60 seconds from start to finish.

How are winners selected?

Every submission is entered into a spreadsheet automatically. When it is time to select a winner, we will use a random number generator to randomly select one winner from the text testimonial submissions and one winner from the video testimonial submissions.

Once selected, we will send an email to each winner with their specific instructions on how to redeem their prizes.

We will also notify everyone on our email list of the winners so you can join us in congratulating them!

Are you just going to give the awards to the best testimonials?

NO! This is a random giveaway and our focus is to get honest, truthful, and helpful testimonials from our amazing audience so we can better showcase the real results our audience gets!

So long as your testimonial is genuine, unique, and not spam, you will get one entry into the giveaway.

What is a spam submission?

If we detect you duplicating your submissions (basically copying and pasting a bunch of times) or submitting the same video over and over, you will be disqualified from the giveaway and your submissions will not be considered.

Can I submit more than once?

Absolutely! We know many of our customers have enrolled in many of our courses and have given us wonderful feedback through email and other forms.

We encourage you submit as many testimonials as you genuinely desire to share with us. Please keep the testimonials short and to the point. Guidelines on that in a second.

What makes a good testimonial?

First of all – we want your content to be unique and truthful to you. But here are some guidelines on what makes testimonials most useful for us:

???? Short and to the point: Please make your video under 60 seconds so that anyone who watches it is able to quickly understand your story

???? Focus on One product OR the brand as a whole: Testimonials are most useful when they focus on one thing at a time. So if you own both Printables by Number AND Blog by Number, I would recommend you leave a separate testimonial for each. (bonus – that also gives you DOUBLE the chance to win!). Alternatively, if you have anything you’d like to share about us as people or as a business, you can do that as well.

???? Did you get results? Share them! Did you get more money as a result of the teachings of the course? Did you overcome a fear and take action? Did you finally get launched? These are all amazing results that’d we’d love to hear!

What will you do with my submission?

We reserve the right to use your submission for any of the following purposes:

???? Use in our marketing materials (website, email marketing, social media, online courses, etc)

We will never share or sell your information to another brand or company.

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