“made my first sale the same day I opened my shop!”

I downloaded this course back in 2021 and thought waaaayyyyyy too much about it all and fell into the trap of doing nothing! 2 weeks ago, I decided to reopen the course (thank you lifetime access!) and have taken the imperfect steps John and Suzi have suggested. I opened an Etsy shop, created some great printables and bundles and made my first sale the same day I opened my shop! I have made a couple more sales since then and am so proud! Printables by Number is amazing and has made me so hopeful for my future as an entrepreneur with Prints4NationalDays!


$500 per month on affiliate sales!

I HIGHLY recommend the Blog By Number Course! It’s a game changer. I tried blogging in the past and focused on the wrong things and spent hours researching how to set things up the right way. The blog just sat there for years with no results. I then had my second child and I was driven to create a blog that helps people and also makes me money. My ultimate goal is to have “financial freedom” so I can be my own boss and do what I want with my time. I’m still working full time so for now my blog is about building another stream of income, and growing my email list. I have very little time to dedicate to my blog and I knew I had to learn from the experts. I found the Blog By Number Course and it surpassed my expectations. They give you simple step-by-step instructions to follow, they are always updating content, and they respond to questions you may have. They know you don’t have a lot of time and make things as easy as possible, and help you focus on the right things. AND bonus, they are wonderful people that really cheer you on and want to help others :) I actually built my blog while on maternity leave and my baby was napping on me. By following their steps I was able to start generating $200 – $500/month just on affiliate sales with only a few top ranking posts on google. I’m also having brands that I respect reach out to me to promote their products. This is just the beginning and I would not have been able to do it with the Start a Mom Blog resources. I have deep gratitude towards them!

“I successfully published it”

I purchased the Children’s Book Workshop a couple of days ago and today I “think” I successfully published it. It’s in review. I did have trouble with it at first, it wouldn’t process the book (the section in Kindle after making the cover). I’m hopeful it’s going to work now though. I struggled with resizing my images from Jasper because I know nothing about photoshop or anything like it. But, I found something called Adobe Express and it seemed to work. I know I sound very unsure, but I REALLY enjoyed your style of presenting the information and the way you taught the workshop. My e-book is more for teens and adults, but I have LOTS of ideas for children’s books. So glad I stumbled across you on Facebook. I also added the package for making printables so I’m eager to explore that next.

“I created my first book for Kindle

I finally did it!! I created my first book for Kindle and I can’t thank you enough for your Children’s book workshop. I found it an extremely quick and easy course to follow and get my book published. I’ve had my book transcript written for a while now and just sitting on my computer. As soon as I saw your release of a workshop on how to publish a book using the new Jasper ai art, I was thrilled and had to try it out. Jasper Art images were so fun to create. After just a few formatting details I had my book done. Suzi, thank you, for this workshop!

A story that has now came to life

Hi, Suzi and John and greeting to your children. A great big hug and thanks for your course that inspired myself and my son to write his bedtime story that him and his dad made up together with their imagination. A story that has now came to life as his 1st e-book with pictures to share with others. These past couple of months has been challenging for us. So coming together to do this project brought back joy and creativity. So thank you! The experience with the course was encouraging and helpful, having Suzi as a guide while showing each step made it much easier to put the book together. This was an exciting journey for us as a family, to see my son’s first book Live on Amazon what a great way to start him off (Legacy) So thank you so much.
Blessing from the Cooper family.

I was able to publish both a paperback and a Kindle version of my book within 2 days

Thank you so much for the Children’s book workshop! The Jasper Art tutorial was just what I needed to get my children’s book published. I cannot draw or paint, and I definitely do not have money to hire a professional artist. Jasper was the perfect tool for providing me the base images for my book! I was able to publish both a paperback and a Kindle version of my book within 2 days, and my paperback copy will be here tomorrow. I am super excited to be able to read my very own book to my kids.

They simplify the process and speak using natural language that is easy to comprehend

I’ve followed Suzi & John for years on social media, and they’ve landed a smart folder in my inbox that I look forward to checking daily. Their course on Jasper caught my attention because it was at a time when I had been suffering from severe writer’s block. I have owned blogs since 2015, but life took a few priorities and turned content creation into more of a chore than a privilege. I had many ideas and starting points but could never move those from ideas to content creation. Something Suzi & John said about Jasper stuck with me, and I followed their lead through the sales link to sign up. Fast forward to becoming a monthly subscriber to Jasper and additional purchases in Suzi’s courses (Blog by Number & Printables by Number). What Suzi and John teach works. They simplify the process and speak using natural language that is easy to comprehend. I so appreciate the content they produce and their investment in their readers! 

I have my first short non-fiction book for teens

I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Suzi and John Whitford, and I can say without a doubt that they are two of the best instructors out there. Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable about their respective fields, but they’re also able to convey that information in a way that is easy for students to understand. I have purchased many of their courses, but the most recent was Children’s Book Workshop. I learned so much from this course! I had no idea where to start when it came to writing a children’s book, but Suzi and John walked me through the process step-by-step. I have my first short non-fiction book for teens. I am working on a fictional children’s picture book next for KDP. I would highly recommend any course that Suzi and John offer. They are truly experts in their field and have a passion for teaching that comes through in everything they do. Thank you, Suzi and John. 

my holy grail of resources

I’ve been in the online business space for over 6 years and Suzi’s courses has been and continue to by my holy grail of resources. I first purchased her Blog by Number that helped me set up a functional AND beautiful website (which I never thought I could do). I then purchased Course by Number which gave me different options depending on my budget for building a great online course. I seriously can’t believe how much value these courses pack. I’m so thankful to have found Suzi’s and John and know I will continue to purchase their products because they are THAT GOOD.

I made more than 200 sales in the first six months

I really struggled getting any traction with my Etsy shop, but after I got Printables By Number, I finally started getting customers and I made more than 200 sales in the first six months after enrolling.

“I love that this course really walks you through all of the steps”

I am working my way through the Blog By Number course, because I was having trouble setting up my blog & getting content on it. I love that this course really walks you through all of the steps. It’s updated, so that the content is relevant – which is huge, because some of the other courses out there are NOT. It is incredibly frustrating to go through a course, and find out that the steps don’t line up with what you need to do, then you get stuck (again!). Suzi makes sure that her stuff is current & understandable

helped me grow my email list from zero to 100 in just 30 days

I have taken almost all of Suzi’s courses – and I have loved them all!!! List By Number helped me grow my email list from zero to 100 in just 30 days; Printables By Number took me step-by-step through the process of researching and coming up with ideas for, as well as designing my own printables and opening my Etsy store, where I have already started making sales; Blog By Number held my hand throughout all my “tech anxiety” and with simple, over-the-shoulder videos, Suzi and John helped me to start my very own Blog!! I have purchased many of her template packages and use them over and over again to help me create new printables, mockups for my products and beautiful marketing materials. I would recommend her courses and products to anyone who dreams of starting their own online business, but has no idea where or how to start. Her videos are simple to follow, show incredible detail of the “HOW TO“, so that you can succeed and reach your goals. Thank you Suzi and John, you are both absolutely amazing and truly passionate about what you do!

I got 2 sales in my first week

I took this course because I wanted to achieve extra income to pay for.my kids tuition fees and to pay my debt. After enrolling to Printable by Number it open up my eyes how to achieve extra money on the side. I accomplished the upgrade of my first Etsy shop. I even got 2 sales in my first week! That was the best feeling ever. I would recommend to anyone who wants to look for extra money while working from home or on the side. Love this course so much. 

helped me so much in growing my business

I love Suzi’s products! She has helped me so much in growing my business. I could have figured out this online business without her! Her videos and online courses are extremely helpful!

made it EASY to post my first few printables for sale!

I bought a template pack to help me get over the hump of creating — instead of creating I got to tweak and play with colors and add elements. Totally took away some stress and made it EASY to post my first few printables for sale!

gave me all the tools I needed to create a foundation

I started on the blogging journey about 5 years ago and Suzi’s main course start a mom blog gave me all the tools I needed to create a foundation. And I fell in love with their other courses too. Suzi and John are generous and make the process so simple for getting started on generating income online. They are truly a blessing

show us how start a blog even as a complete beginner

First I bought Suzi’s Blog by Number eBook , I went through each step and really the steps show us how start a blog even as a complete beginner. I also decided to join their Printables by Number because I think that’s my niche and wanted to grow my printable business. I really recommend their course as its just pure value and worth the way they teach.

pushed me to get into the process more than I would have on my own

Purchased eBook Template and was excited that it was going to simplify the process of organizing my content into an ebook. It was a start but I had trouble adjusting the template to what I needed. So, what I thought was going to simplify the process ended up not being as useful as I needed in the beginning. But, it did lead me to practice using Canva more, which I learned about through your blog – thank you! :) After practicing using Canva more, I was then more equipped on how to use the template I had purchased. I really appreciate the products and services you provide and am interested in using more of them because overall I did feel that it added value to what I learned and pushed me to get into the process more than I would have on my own

I was able to make digital products that were 100x better than the ones I previously had

I took this course because I wanted to achieve growth in my future business. After enrolling, I was able to make digital products that were 100x better than the ones I previously had. I would recommend Suzi’s products to anyone who is creating digital products or trying to get a blog off the ground. At the beginning, I was worried that I wouldn’t get good value for the money, but it was totally worth it. Thanks, Suzi! 

I saved a ton of time creating my own and the Canva design style was very easy to modify for my use

Hi I purchased a Planner Templates to use for a series I am developing. I saved a ton of time creating my own and the Canva design style was very easy to modify for my use. I will use Suzi and John’s template and courses in the future. I consider it a very lucky find for my content creation responsibilities for my blog and ecom store.

within 24 hours I have published two children’s books on Amazon!

I have had a couple of story ideas in my head for awhile now but had no idea how to start the process of illustrating the books. I knew I couldn’t afford to pay for someone at this time. After watching a few webinars online, I finally came across one with Suzi where she shared enough information that I could get started but I decided to purchase the Children’s Book Workshop as well so I would have a l clearer idea of the process. Finally, after watching Suzi run through creating a book in the workshop from start to finish, I had a starting point. And now, within 24 hours I have published two children’s books on Amazon!

“really good at breaking things down to the kindergarten level

I recently purchased the Children’s Book Workshop. I wanted this course because Suzi is really good at breaking things down to the kindergarten level. I had a draft of a book that I had illustrated TWO years ago but was overwhelmed by the Amazon steps and just fear of publishing. After watching the workshop, which is really quick compared to my hours of research, I decided to dig up the file and publish the book. With the help of the workshop, I was able to easily tweak my file in Canva, and upload it using the steps Suzi provided. The book is about my daughter, and she is so excited to see it on Amazon!

it’s a very thorough course

I bought Course by Number because I wanted some hand-holding and a step-by-step process, to make sure nothing fall through the cracks. I’m still going through the program and it’s taking time as it’s a very thorough course, and I’m less than a month in, but I already can recommend it as it teaches you the basics without sounding condescending. I’m looking forward to continued learning and putting it into practice.

“The course is really designed to help beginners”

I am very happy with the Printables by Number course. Pretty reasonable price compared with many other courses out there, and the content is easy to follow, cover many aspects carefully. The course is really designed to help the beginners, starting from offering low price to the good contents. I like their strategy to help people have motivation and great plan to start from small steps to bigger and more complicated steps along with the growth of the businesses. Otherwise it would be too much overwhelming and hesitation to not know where we should start or what we should do first to start a digital printable business. This is the outstanding point of choosing to go with Suzi and John’s team. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to start a digital product business.

Within a day I had published my first book”

This course popped up in my Instagram feed and it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made! Within a day I had published my first book. It was always my dream to be published and now I have done it! It is so wonderful to see my passion coming to life easier than I expected!

#1 right now in her category on Amazon

Hey Suzi, just wanted to leave you a big thank you! I took your newest course on writing a children’s book. It has been so wonderful. I’m not very techy and even I could do it. My granddaughter wanted to write a book so we did it together. Her book is #1 right now in her category on Amazon!!! Can you believe it!? It’s a lovely project to do with your children or grandchildren. I’d recommend it to everyone. Thank you

“I am now a published author”

I purchased the Children’s book workshop and was really impressed! I ended up getting really inspired and wrote a 40+ page book in less than 5 hours (including pictures and editing). I was unsure if my basic plan with Jasper was going to produce the same quality as shown in the workshop, but I was really impressed. With Suzi’s great explanations, I was able to influence Jasper in the right direction! I am excited that I am now a published author, and that I could pump out a book a day, if I wanted!  

“this will be the start of many many more books”

I did your workshop and it inspired me to take action and write two little children’s stories for my kids! Today I got my printed version and I cannot feel more proud! I’m sure this will be the start of many many more books to come featuring my two cute kids! I wrote an English and Spanish version, and got the Spanish version published as a paperback!

“Within 2 Weeks, I’d Made 40 Sales”

Within 2 Weeks, I’d Made 40 Sales! Hi Suzi, John and fellow Content-Creators! I’ve been following Suzi’s emails for years and have really loved her passion for creating amazing content.. with tones of tips, and actionable steps. I have also felt Suzi has been like a best friend, making me believe I can achieve more. I have several of Suzi’s and John’s courses, but the latest one for me that stands out is the ‘Printables By Number‘. I am a published Illustrator, so realized I could create artwork for other ‘home-preneurs’, bloggers and printable shop owners, so set about creating ‘Enchanting Fairies & Magical Friends Coloring Book Design Kit.’ A fellow printable shop owner, Becky at ‘Mom Beach’ posted this to her list and it sold so well with quality affiliates contacting me asking to recommend the kit too. Jay at Coloring Galaxy then promoted it and within 2 weeks, I’d had 40 sales! I’d imagined how I’d feel waking up and seeing I’d made money while I slept! Well that came true! And I can report it feels very exciting!) I love knowing that we are all co-creators, helping each other thrive. My coloring book kit helps other creators fast-track their content-creation and make income on Etsy, Amazon and their own printable shops. Thank you to Suzi and now John for encouraging me and keeping me motivated on this new journey! I am slowly building up my own printable shop and blog, also, which will have free drawing tutorials on for children… that is still in construction as I’ve been so busy with my Coloring Book Kit!

“followed the steps in the course to publish it to Kindle – all on the same day”

I’ve been wanting to create children’s books for some time but the cost of getting the graphics done has been prohibitive. Because I already had Jasper.ai and recently got access to Jasper Art, I thought I couldn’t go wrong watching Suzi’s training on the step by step process for creating a children’s ebook. And it was brilliant. Suzi has a knack for simplifying things and showing how easy it is to get the results. It took me longer than an hour for my first book, but with help from Jasper I did write and illustrate a book, then followed the steps in the course to publish it to Kindle – all on the same day! Super happy with the results. Love your work, Suzi!

“I now have 2 Kindle books & a paperback”

I’ve bought loads of your programs and they’re all fabulous. Most recently I bought your workshop about writing a children’s book and YES!!!! I hit publish…..I now have 2 kindle books and one of them is available in paperback too -Do Elephants Eat Cookies is on Kindle. Amelia Saves the Day is available on kindle and paperback I’ve wanted to make children’s books for so many years. You made it possible and gave me confidence to actually do it. I’ve tried and tried over and over. I’ve got so many started attempts but it seemed so difficult and ‘just not me’ that I left it every time I got part way through and was overwhelmed with what was ahead. You just helped me go one step at a time and made me feel that I was able to do it and that I am worthy and capable. I can’t thank you enough. Have a fabulous day!

“This workshop was exactly what I needed to take the first step into making this dream possible”

The second I saw that you were offering a workshop on creating and publishing children’s books I instantly purchased it! I have many of the other courses and the content always delivers! This Children’s book workshop was an answer to my prayer! It’s always been in the back of my mind and on my bucket list of publishing a book (or a series!). This workshop was exactly what I needed to take the first step into making this dream possible! Suzi’s easy tutorial and amazing motivation helped me write, illustrate, and publish my very first story! I especially love how the workshop helped me to put action over perfection. I know it is not perfect but I am still proud that I can say I wrote, illustrated and published a story! I can now use this experience to keep improving my skills for more! I would 100% recommend any of Suzi and John’s courses. The courses and content are delivered in a caring, enthusiastic way that motivates any student to succeed! 

“They have taken away my fear of posting publicly and are continually give me new inspiration!”

I took the Blog by Number course! I wanted to share with other as well as possibly make some side income. John and Suzi are super helpful with the step by step videos. They have taken away my fear of posting publicly and are continually give me new inspiration! I would totally recommend them to anyone who would like to start a side hussle! Thank you so much for all you do!

“I found the course easy to follow, fun and enjoyed the down to earth jargon free method”

I started with the Blog by Number course 10 months ago, knowing absolutely nothing other than I wanted to learn to Blog and eventually ways to increase my income. I am not a computer whizz, and I am easily confused, however I found the course easy to follow, fun and enjoyed the down to earth jargon free method. Suzi and John constantly had me laughing, which I needed. It has been a slow process for me as I am a single Mum and carer of an adult son with autism, but I knew this is what I wanted to do. I then got the Little Product Launch Kit and 100 Heros templates as this was all I could afford. I then proceeded to set up my very 1st Etsy store and learn all I could from any free Youtube videos I could find of Suzi’s. However, what I really want to do is the Printable by Number course to improve my shop and obviously improve my financial situation. I am hooked and I love the visual learning Suzi and John provide. If I could afford all the courses, I would. It is so important to me to be able to financially support my son and provide a good future for him and just know with some more training through these courses I could finally breath a little easier. Being able to do this around my son, at my pace is also great, but I sure did lose track of hours when I started the Blog by Number course, haha and before I knew it, it was like 2am, but worth it. I am still learning and am grateful that when I have got stuck or site crashed, Suzi and John have been there. I am in my 50’s, who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks, because I am learning something new all the time, just doesn’t always stick, so it is so good to be able to go back over course material at your finger tips to jog the old memory. Good on ya Suzi & John, you have done so well for yourself and family, wish I had your energy, haha.

“It has so much information and everything is presented in a clear and helpful way”

The Blog by Number course is helping me to get my blog set up. It has so much information and everything is presented in a clear and helpful way. It is also more affordable than many other courses out there. I highly recommend this course!

“I am so excited to get it done, and become a part of the “Freedom” community!”

I took the Printables By Number course because I want to quit my full-time job and have the freedom to work when I want, and for myself. I am ready to quit putting money into other people’s pockets and working for others. I have signed up for so many courses before that I haven’t finished; however, after enrolling, I started off right away, going through the course. I have completed the entire thing and am ready to get started. Suzi and John are so good in their coaching and instruction in this course and explain it all so well. I recommend this course for anyone who is ready to ditch their full-time job and find freedom in working for themselves. I have to say, I have not launched my business yet because I am preparing the products I want to start off with and making sure of the platform I want to use in selling. I am so excited to get it done, and become a part of the “Freedom” community!

“helped me get UNSTUCK!”

Suzi and John helped me get UNSTUCK! I had purchased a Blog Building course from another site but it didn’t give me many actionable steps and most of her suggestions you had to pay for. I was stuck in the same place for 1.5 years. When I bought Blog by Number, I was instantly given encouragement and steps I could act on! The thing they do best is teaching me HOW to accomplish each step with examples. They didn’t just tell me to act on a theory, they showed me exactly how to do it through videos of them doing the process. My blog is up and running and I keep going back to some of the lessons to continue to perfect my craft!

“I created my Etsy shop and I’m adding the finishing touches to my first digital product ever!”

I just love anything John and Suzi creates. I’m working my way through the Printables by Number course because I want to eventually replace my 9-5. Last week I created my Etsy shop and I’m adding the finishing touches to my first digital product ever! I never saw myself doing anything like this a couple of years ago but the course is so simple and easy to follow, you just know you can do it and not get stuck on tech or unfamiliar terms.

“I’m so excited to hit the 30 day mark & I’m already making sales!”

I’m currently in John & Suzi’s course (not get to say 30!). I’m not a stranger to e-commerce, I’ve opened up my own home décor shop, but the world of printables is drawing me in. I’ve attended freebie workshops of so many people and they always just seem so fake – John and Suzi are not like that at all. You can tell they’ve taken a lot of time and put a lot of money into this course so it will help the brand new to experienced sellers. I’m taking it step by step just like they say, but have already learned so many new resources and tips in Canva I wasn’t aware of. I’m so excited to hit the 30 day mark (& I’m already making sales!!)

A course like this is invaluable

I bought the course two weeks ago and am amazed by the amount of content in it for the price. A course like this is invaluable, and I am enjoying going through all the fun content. Suzi makes the course so much fun with her bubbly personality.

“a nice addition to make a change for helpful information to clients”

I purchased the Cleaning Planner templates. They are a nice addition to make a change for helpful information to clients. I have liked every thing I have purchased from you.

“I loved how your video took me through the process step by step and showed exactly how to load it onto Amazon”

I downloaded your course on how to create a Children’s Book in an hour. I had written a children’s book and didn’t know how to illustrate it and publish it. I loved how your video took me through the process step by step and showed exactly how to load it onto Amazon. Thank you so much! I will absolutely recommend your course to friends. 

“I’m finally a published writer!”

Hi Suzi and John! I just wanted to say thank you so much for putting together the Children’s Book course and so many others I’ve purchased from you that have helped me get to where I am now. Not only do I now have a blog and printable store, but I’m finally a published writer! After nearly a decade of dreaming about writing a children’s book, that dream has become a reality thanks to you! Thank you for listening to the Lord’s promptings so that in turn, He can help me through you. I finally finished my book and hit publish last night. When I woke up, it was live!

“We published our first book”

We purchased the Children’s Book Workshop in 1 Hour using AI. I have several products and I have thought about dipping my toes in a few children’s book ideas and my daughter has been begging to also be published. With the great prices of the products to make them affordable we decided to purchase the Children’s Book Workshop to do together in our homeschool. We published our first book this afternoon about a lost cow. Suzi’s videos are easy to follow but it took us a little longer just because we didn’t have an idea when we started. We took our first idea and ran with it since it is better done than perfect. Since it is digital no extra cost with having to buy the books and sell them, so we always knew we could follow her process again and again to keep coming up with other books. Video does take you from each step very nicely all the way through publishing.

“providing the highest quality content possible to everyone

I have never interacted with a business more dedicated to providing the highest quality content possible to everyone wanting to build a blog or online business. Not only do they offer highly detailed, step by step instructions via paid programs for accomplishing those goals, they also offer lots of videos and testimonials on YouTube for the benefit of those without the funds to purchase their products!! Additionally, their newsletter shares current sales promotions, making their products even more affordable. If you are currently in need of the high quality content they offer but cannot possibly afford to purchase them right now, they still provide a way for the highly motivated to keep moving toward their goals until they, hopefully, can purpose their products and reach them much more quickly!! I cannot thank them enough for providing me with such an amazing opportunity to learn and to help myself, even when they are not making any money for doing so!!!

“Their templates save me a ton of time”

John and Suzi have made their printable store that goes along with their Printables by Number course and it really helps busy moms like me to be able to purchase their templates, customize them with my own fonts/colors and make them suitable for my audience. Their templates save me a ton of time with the creating process so I can get to the other things like marketing and finding my people. I’m a busy mama to three boys 4 and under and I don’t have much extra time to put into my business BUT John and Suzi make things so so simple and easy to follow! And FUN! I seriously love each email I get from them. I’m so grateful for y’all!


“They make the process much, much easier”

I started following Suzi years ago when my son was first born, she and John have been so helpful in my blogging adventure. I appreciate how they are real and how they’re great teachers and explain how to do things step-by-step for non-techie people like me. They make the process much, much easier. Even beyond that, just how encouraging they are and that you can do it. And so I’m very grateful to both of them, and they’ve made a big difference in my blogging career.


“Have over 150 sales”

John and Suzi’s Printables by Number course helped me to create my resource library and also helped me start my Etsy store. I’m in the process of going through the updated course since you get lifetime access and I am working to create my website on systems I/O and I will hopefully be able to launch some really cool digital products very soon!


“I’ve made almost $50!”

I just want to tell you that I absolutely love Printables by Number. I have several courses, but Printables by Number. is one that I’ve really enjoyed recently and I have posted things to my Etsy account and as of this month, which we’re 14 days in. I’ve made 47 or $48 just because I learned Printables by Number.


“I just published my little book, I’m excited!

I had a blast creating this 21-page ebook for children about the Power of Prayer. I had a great time watching Jasper Art come up with some amazing pictures that even opened my mind to other ideas for Amazon ebooks. And what can I tell you, Jasper IO is an amazing writing tool. I can’t thank you enough, before I stumbled upon one of your sites, I didn’t know the existence of Jasper. When you are writing, sometimes you just need a push on ideas and Jasper does that and more. It was really fun creating this ebook and there will be more to come! Thank you both for sharing your proven ideas and system. Love you guys!

~ Janet Garcia

John has the ability to explain complex things in a very easy and understandable way

Recently, I stumbled across the channel of John Whitford from Income Mesh. I saw many video since and some of them really helped me to move forward in my own projects. John has the ability to explain complex things in a very easy and understandable way. So John, many thanks. And when you are in the Netherlands, please let me know.


“Suzi and John are so down to earth”

Though they have no idea who I am personally, but I feel like they are simply talking to a friend through all their videos and emails. I feel like they are cheering me on personally. I haven’t ‘made it’ yet, but through the struggles of just getting started I feel supported. I love that if I email with a question, I get a response quickly and they work until I have an answer, or a problem is resolved. Suzi and John truly do want you to succeed!


I get so much value out of everything

Nine months ago, I started my blog and having had no prior knowledge about building a website. The very next day, I got stuck. I didn’t know what to do. I actually emailed Suzi for some help. I had her blogging course and I was following along, and two days later I got a reply. An email from John. Actually, he actually had taken the time to record a personalized video for me. And I was just beyond impressed that anyone would do with something like that. So he recorded this video walking me through everything that I needed to do to fix my problem. And ever since I remained a loyal follower. I get so much value out of everything that John publishes, and there’s so much detail that he puts into everything that he does. It’s incredibly helpful. So thank you, John. You’ve been a lifesaver so many times!


I have left my job to start my blog

Hi Suzi and John it’s Beth here. I just wanted to drop you a little note and tell you that I’m sitting here and this is where I’m usually teaching my class. But I’m not today because I’ve left my job to start my blog and I thought I’d let you know because you guys have been such an inspiration to me. I’m ready to go. I’ve got my keywords from you. So thank you for doing that. I’m using my Little Launch Kit to write my email sequence and I’ve got my e book which I’ve written as well using Ebook by Number. So um I’m very excited to start my blog and um I just want to thank you so much for all your help and support during the last year or so while I’ve been getting ready and I can’t wait to get started. So thank you so much. I’m so thrilled to be doing this.


A game change for a lot

I took John’s 30 Days to Published course to learn how to get my book completed and published in 30 Days. I would recommend this course because it could motivate anyone wanting to write a book to GET IT DONE and PUBLISHED, and get you moving on marketing the finished product! 


“Lifetime access to all the updates”

After becoming a mom, I really wanted to help with the finances from home. I began researching ways to earn money from home, that was flexible and didn’t require being on the phone. I stumbled upon blogging and eventually found my way to Start A Mom Blog. I subscribed to Suzi’s email list and slowly started thinking that I could maybe, just maybe, be able to do this. I purchased Blog by Number and began dreaming of blogging ideas. I worked my way through most of the course and it was amazing. The detail of each step I needed to do to is so helpful! Since purchasing Blog by Number, there have been several updates. I love that one purchase gets me lifetime access. It’s like my purchase increases in value!


“Start my little side hustle while raising my kids”

After enrolling in Blog by Number, I was able to 1) Start my blog
2) Consistently post to my blog for a time
3) I was able to make a resource library for my subscribers with several different printable and digital content options.
4) I was able to create content and a website that I was proud of. John and Suzi just made everything so easy and clear and fun!


“John and Suzi are my heroes”

I’m not inspired by people who were born and raised with everything given to them. I’m inspired by people who make the right decisions and they believe they made the wrong decisions and then they end up proving others wrong by successfully creating something. That’s what inspired me. John and Suzi exemplified that. I started a Blog by Number a few years ago and because of life events that I didn’t have any control over, it has delayed my continuation, but they are absolutely fantastic! I don’t think you can find a better course out there and definitely not prettier. And their response is incredible! Really all together, they are my heroes!


The content is very clear, concise, and easy to follow

I signed up for the Blog by Number of course, and I’m happy that I did. The content is very clear, concise, and easy to follow. I signed up because I am tired of working in the corporate culture. I just don’t feel that I can make a positive impact and reach my goals while working in a corporate culture, working in a cube all day. I plan on working in this little phone booth each day to at least get 1% better at learning how to make a blog, Learning the process and really just taking in the content and seeing the results. It’s been very positive and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


“It’s an incredible course, worth it”

For many years, I’ve been told that I’m a good writer. But I never even pursued anything because of fear. Fear of failure, fear that I don’t have anything to say. I’ve been searching for a course that I can write a book and put it on Amazon and hope for the best. And I didn’t find anything until Suzi came out with it and I bought the course. It is extremely detailed but not overwhelming that you don’t know where to start and you get lost. Easy to follow. It is an incredible course. It is worth it. If you are able to get it, do it because you won’t regret it.


“Blog by Number and Printables by Number work so well together”

I have purchased both Blog by Number and Printables by Number, both courses are amazing and very valuable. After trying my hand at blogging, I decided to pivot and focus my attention on creating printables. Over the years of being a gymnastics coach and a homeschooling mom I came to love creating fun and useful printables for my own personal use. So when John and Suzi created Printables by Number, I felt it was a great time to focus on those. Eventually, I plan to combine my printables business with a blog. Blog by Number and Printables by Number work so well together and they will help me create an amazing business. It has been a long road with many rocks in the way, but I am still trying to take imperfect action (as Suzi would say). Printables by Number saves me a lot of time in the creation process. I love that as Suzi and John learn and test new products, they update the course to reflect current technology and new programs or websites to help make the process simpler, especially for a beginner.


“I would recommend this course to anyone”

Printables by Number helped walk me step by step through the full creation process of creating valuable products and offers to help others. Suzi & John’s generosity, practical advice and conversational tone made the learning process easy and fun. I love how they tiered the information to go from easy & free to paid tools, as needed. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs clear, step by step instruction so they can get up and running quickly.


“this course really laid it out so easily”

I took the Blog by Number course because I have started and abandoned several blogs over the last 8 years (yes, 8!) and I never got anywhere. When I found Start A Mom Blog, I took immediate action on the easy-to-follow blog posts. When I purchased the Blog by Number course, it was like purchasing a roadmap that would get me not only where I wanted to go, but also help me narrow down my destination. Since purchasing in January, I have hundreds of SEO keywords, amazing content pieces to share with the world, and a blog. Most importantly, I have a plan and the course to refer back to if I need it.