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Using the PPP Method To Finding Your Book Topic
Use this simple method to figure out what topic you should write your book about (even if you have no idea) – so that it has the best chance of making money, sales, and changing people’s lives.
The Bridge Framework For a Successful Book
Stop scaring at a blank cursor and write your book fast by following proven “author frameworks”
Create a Sales Page for Pre-selling Your Book
Use our method of pre-selling your book while validating your ideas with a free bonus done-for-you template!
I’ll show you 3 different writing methods so that you’ll be able to experiment and find the best way to produce a well-written, fun-to-read book quickly.
Print on Demand + Amazon Kindle
I’ll even show you how to turn your newly-written book and convert it into a physical book you can sell on demand without dealing with inventory headaches!

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  • Books are timeless. Unlike marketing fads that are here today and gone tomorrow – a well-written book will never lose its effectiveness at finding you new clients.
  • Get better clients. Readers are leaders. If you attract readers into your audience, you’ll have a better time of getting them results and getting great testimonials!

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