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Printables By Number 3.0

Master our 4-Step Framework to grow your income with Printables

If you're ready to create a thriving online business selling gorgeously designed printables and
digital products, then you're in the right place!

Student Success Stories🚀

How Printables by Number Changed Their Learning Experience

Your system is working!! I'm also at day 30, I have 15 products in my shop and I'm almost at $100 in revenue! I've been making sales every 1-3 days 😀 Thank you so much for what you do!! I'm excited to keep going through the course and building my little business 😊

Krista Kalinowski

This course was so helpful for learning how to make printables. I get recurring revenue from my printables on Etsy and my blog readers love the handouts I've made.

Arlene Slp

This course BEFORE the insane updates transformed my business. I've take all of Suzi's courses (all are great) and this one was the one that took me to the next level!

Ryan Molinaro

AHHHHHHH THANK YOU THANK YOU! I'm so stoked. Honestly, your courses are some of the best money I've ever spent. I haven't gone through them all yet, but I'm around halfway through most of the ones I have. THANK YOU for the effort you put in. I spent hours last night starting work on a printable with the templates you sent, here's the link if you wanna see! I'd be stoked! Not done yet, but am 6 pages in.

Heideli Loubser

I'm in 10 days and made my first sale yesterday.

Anna Khan

Struggling to make money with your blog?

  • You started your blog and written post after posts. 
  • You promote, share and comment like it’s your job, because honestly, you want it to be your future job. 
  • But goodness, you’re not getting paid anything for it.
  • And your spouse and friends are starting to think you’re just wasting your time.
  • You see other entrepreneurs make money with their websites and you’re wondering why that can’t be you.
  • Deep down you know the reason…. 
  • It’s about creating your own product!
  • You’ve been pouring all of your energy into your content, which is perfect… 
  • Writing blog posts and promoting on social media and building traffic to your website.

But it’s time to make your first $100

You've tried to do this yourself...

You’ve tried creating printables with online tools but they just don’t look good enough. 

And you’re overwhelmed with doubt that anyone would ever buy a printable from you when they can get all the information online. 


When it comes to creating printables, it’s hard to create something unique that you feel confident selling to your audience. 

Most printables business I see are making one HUGE mistake!

They are creating printables that are just not useful to their audience. 

And when that happens, nobody buys the printable, you loose confidence and slowly stop sharing your amazing content and God given talents!

🤔Let me guess...

If you're here, you've struggled to make money with your blog in a few ways...

You've Tried Ad Revenue

But it's REALLY hard to get consistently great traffic to your site... And you feel deep down in your jellies that there is a higher-value way to monetize your traffic

You've Tried Affiliate Marketing

Which is totally awesome... but again - you don't have a ton of control. What if the partner stops their program? What if they change their terms? What if they aren't a good recommendation anymore? When you want to build a long-lasting business, you don't want to leave so much up to chance...

You've Considered Making a Course

But that's ... pretty overwhelming, right!? Like, am I an "expert" enough? Before creating a massive online course, wouldn't it be nice to get the confidence by selling something easier?

Here's the Solution...

Simple, Profitable, Digital Products

There isn’t a better path to building an online business than by starting with digital products like printables or workbooks.

Zero Cost

Get selling without ever opening a wallet (except to pocket your earnings)

Scale Up

Start with a simple $10 printable. Add a new printable to your store every few weeks. Before you know it you will have built a digital empire that you are proud of!

Launch Fast

Focus for a weekend and you can have your store up, running, and selling

Huge Impact

Your little store can do true good in the world! Not only can it help you make money and become debt-free, but you can help thousands of people across the world too!

But what can a $10 digital product really do?

You'd be surprised! Little Products can create Huge Impacts!

1Sale a day

That's a Grocery Bill!

5 Sales a day

Your Mortgage?

15 Sales a day

Full-time income

50 Sales a day

Financial Freedom

Selling printables on your blog
builds your confidence
to launch bigger products in the future.

How would it feel?

There are so many ways that your digital product store can benefit you!

"Ding! You've made a sale!"

To see the first sale notification pop up on your phone

Consistent Income

To refresh your account and see the upward trend of daily sales in your store

True Confidence

To know exactly what your customers want, and have the self-confidence to deliver

Imagine confidently selling your own product and making sales every day!

How would your life be different if you could:

CONFIDENTLY create a printable that you know will sell like hotcakes.

Know EXACTLY why some printables fall flat and fail, and others take off and turn into little money-making machines.

EASILY create new printables to fill your online store and delight your customers.

Use HIGH-CONVERTING TEMPLATES that save you hours of work and give you consistent results.


with both hands up!


There is a way to create printables with confidence so you know they'll convert!


You don't have to spend weeks creating a printable to delight your readers (because using done for you templates is really a thing!)


Yes! There is a way to create printables and market them easily on your blog and turn your work into dollars.

I've grown my email list to over 91,000 subscribers and made a full time income selling printables.

My students have also had amazing success with growing their email lists and income with small products such as printables!

You don’t have to waste time to figure out how to do this yourself.

I’m going to show you the shortcut to building a profitable printables business.


91,262 Subscribers

My freebies and printables have been downloaded over 91,000 times!

Student Success Stories

Thank you so much for your Printables by Number course!

I took the course last summer and it has been SO helpful with increasing and diversifying my blog income stream with different approach. I love that you took the time to create mock-up templates that are ready for your students to use - such a time saver! OMG I rely on them!! I also enjoy your teaching style of hand-holding beginners who are new in the printable space! I created my first money management budget printable product and I can't believe that I'm actually earning a PASSIVE income with them on my website. You are awesome and I'd recommend any blogger, new experienced, to take your printables course! It's so worth the investment! 🙏 TY you are amazing! ❤️❤️

Finsavvy Panda

I have had an amazing first few months of selling printables online! My sales increase each month and I finally work from home full-time selling printables! I’ve been a student of Suzi and John's courses for over 2 years now and all are golden nuggets especially Printables by Number if you want to get started creating printables for your business!


I second this! I was hesitant about printables for so long, but finally gave it a try. I started this course and already made more in just a few weeks than I've made in 2 years of blogging. Thank Suzi!

Melissa Sue Batchman


Printables by Number

Printables by Number is the proven, step-by-step guide that shows you how to design & sell high-converting digital products

Thank you once again, Suzi for providing us with the goods! :), This is amazing to add to my printables and opt-in freebies for my blog. I really appreciate you giving us content that is helpful for us to thrive for success!

Mommy & Me Life

Wow! This is an incredible value! I bought Printables by Number last year and followed Suzi's easy tutorials and templates to create the printables for my own $200 online course. My students have commented over and over how lovely they are and what a terrific addition they are to my course. If you're on the fence, I have two words: GRAB IT!

Liz Fulcher

Just Imagine...

How much money could your store make this year?

Whether you are looking for a hobby to spend an hour on every week…

Or if you are ready to spend 8+ hours per day pursuing financial freedom…

This is the course for you!

More than just Printables

Learn To Create & Sell Workbooks

This course will give you the power to design, create, and sell any kind of digital product you can imagine:

kid activity guides
coloring books
digital stickers

... and MORE!

You might be asking...

Why Printables By Number?

Extra Experts

Unlike most courses, you're going to learn from two experts: Printables & Marketing with Suzi, and Funnels & Tech with John

Click by Click Tutorials

Need a clear roadmap to show you exactly what to do next to keep momentum? We got you.

Tech: Simplified

We've used all the tech and have given you the simplest, most consistent path to success in this course

30/60 Day Plans

You'll never get stuck or lost and always know the next step to take to keep growing your business and revenue.

Done For You

Wherever you might struggle, we've got you. Done for you graphic packs, templates and checkout pages.


Most courses stop as soon as your store is set up. That's just the beginning with us. We want to see you through to your first $10,000+ MONTH!

Sneak Peek

What's Inside Printables By Number?

This course is specifically designed to start simple and grow with you. We’ll get your store up ASAP and get you making sales in your first few weeks. 

But that’s just the beginning.

Step 1

Market Research

The most successful printable stores make sure they don’t just throw spaghetti against the wall! Follow our specific market research process to ensure that every product you create has the potential to be a best selling printable idea!

Step 2

Create, Create, Create!

We aren’t digging ditches here, people! Creating Printables can be a wonderful, exciting, and stress-relieving process!

I’ll even share done-for-you templates to get your creative juices flowing so you can have fun creating profitable products!

Step 3

Store Setup

Where should you sell your products? Should you choose a marketplace like Etsy? Amazon? Garage Sales?

And what about the tech? Do you need a website too? Eek!

Don’t worry, we’ll get you up and running on the right platform in less than a weekend, ready to sell!

Step 4

PHASE 1: Your First $100

I still remember when I made my first dollar from selling a digital product… the confidence is priceless! It will propel you forward to take action, make the sale, and know that you are a business owner! 

Step 5

PHASE 2: Momentum: $100 -> $1,000

Your sales are slowly growing, but how can it sprout wings and start to fly!?

In this phase, we are going to be diving deep into traffic strategies to scale your business.

In fact, you’ll get a complete 60-day plan to guide you step by step to get the traffic you need to generate consistent traffic and sales and keep the growth going!

Step 6

PHASE 3: Funnels: $1,000 – $10,000

It’s time to plug in the single most powerful tool that can change the potential of your store forever: an effective sales funnel.

In this phase, we are going to take your $5 digital sales, and turn them in $45-$100 sales using the power of sales funnels.

And once you have your first funnel set up, the sky is the limit in the next step!

Step 7

PHASE 4: Scale up: $10,000 – $100,000+

Now you’ll have products that are selling with great profits. You have consistent traffic coming to your store… now what?

You scale your store aggressively!

In this module of the course we’ll help you do just that.

First, we’ll identify your bottlenecks so we know what to improve.

Next we’ll choose from 7 scaling strategies (we teach each in the course!).

Then we’ll apply that scaling strategy to unlock more growth.

Rinse and Repeat!

This is your roadmap to a profitable 

Digital Product Business

And it's all inside Printables By Number, waiting for you!

We've made it EASY to take action!

The Course Slide Deck and Workbook are designed to help you stay motivated and never feel lost. You’ll know exactly what to do next to keep growing your successful small digital product business.

The Course Slide Deck

Don’t want to take notes? We got you! Use the detailed course deck with over 140+ slides. Print it out, take extra notes or just follow along and don’t miss a step!

The Course Workbook

Don’t just watch the lessons, take massive action!

The Course Workbook has 30 and 60 Day step by step plans to help you grow in every phase of the course. 

You’ll NEVER get stuck and not know what to do next. 

Follow the plan. Take action. Make money.

What do you need to be successful?

Here are the things you need (and don’t need) to see your investment pay off quickly!

You do NOT
need a blog

No blog, no problem.

The Printables by Number course has been designed to give you the fastest path possible to your first sale. The process does not rely on a blog at all. In other words, you do not need a blog to be successful in this course.

If you do have a blog already, it can only help you – but it’s not mandatory for this course.

You do NOT
need an audience

No audience, no problem.

The course walks you through Phase 1 – 4. In each Phase you’ll learn how to grow your products and audience to make sales. 

You do not need an audience, email list or social media to start the course. Those steps will be covered in the right Phase to help you stay focused and get results. 

You NEED a
can-do spirit.

Positive Mindset

In the course we focus heavily on taking action and getting results. How to have a positive mindset is taught in the first module to prevent imposter syndrome or negativity keeping you from success. 

They will walk you through everything you need to be successful. They provide done for you templates, examples of how to customize and apply what they share, and more. You're going to do an amazing job. Just don't let the knowledge sit on the shelf or your bookmarked pages. Do the work. See it work.

Nina Oglesby

You will LOVE how easy they explain step by step!! I have been working on my website for almost a year with other tutorials. Once I purchased Suzi's, it all began to make sense!! Best of luck to ya!!!

Trish Barnard
You may be wondering...

Why should you create printables?

Make money from home

so you can have more freedom and spend time with those you love

Pay off Debt

so you can contribute to your family finances

Afford the best schools

so you're kids always get the best

Family Vacations

This section is designed to give your visitor a quick overview of the highlights that set your product apart.

Time Freedom

Create it once, and sell it over and over automatically

So fun!

You can build your business while watching a movie and drink a cup of tea

Start for free

All you need is a laptop and the internet to get started!


You can start with printables, and go ANYWHERE with your business

Whatever your reason, you can do this without losing sleep, time with your children, or the fear of thinking you’re not good enough.

We'll be here with you every step of the way

I’m a stay at home mom that started my blog 3 weeks before the birth of my second baby…

The point? The timing is never perfect. The best time to start is now!

Meet Your Team

We can’t wait to see your Printable Store up and Running!

Suzi Whitford

I'm an engineer turned stay at home mom to three little ones! I've been creating websites since 2009. What started as a little hobby blog from our dinning room table turned into a life changing decision. 

I never knew creating my own products online could be so powerful. I was over the moon happy when I made my first sale early one Sunday morning.

I even retired my husband from his 9-5 corporate job with my online business. And I can't wait to help you too!

Printable Expert

John Whitford

Hey there! After a grueling corporate career as an Industrial & Systems engineer, I left my company to help Suzi grow her blog.

I quickly realized that all the engineering skills I developed could be used to scale online businesses the same way it scaled the Fortune 100 companies I was used to work for.

So I dug into sales funnels, and within a year, we were able to scale our online businesses to $150,000 months!

And I'd love to help you implement and scale sales funnels for your printable store too!

Funnel Geek

Student Success

I always skip ahead in courses, but I decided to stick to the script in this course. I’m on Day 4 and at 14 sales, and some are being found through Etsy search itself! I’ve never seen success this fast, thank you!

Jessie S.

It is so kind of you to go the extra mile and add chapter markers for all videos. I just wanted to stop by to appreciate and thank you.

I’ve not seen anyone do so much for her students. 
I also wanted to show you (and this will make you proud) that one of your calendar templates from the Printables By Number course saved me a ton of time. Now, you won’t believe this but I created a calendar series by using only that one template. I’m attaching some pictures as proof. 
I also learned that your method of making PDFs in ppt is much better. The document size of printables I made in ppt after going through that training came out much much smaller compared to similar PDF files I made in Canva last year which was a headache if you have a lot of PDFs to upload on your blog.
God bless you.
Hena B.

Made $4,200+ in a week! 🎉

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you.  I took your Printables by Number Course late last year.  Since then I have opened my own Etsy shop full of printables.  I plan to open a shop on my blog soon as well.  I have made close to $1000 on my Printables!  This is so exciting because they are all very low priced.”


“I actually took a leap of faith and started creating and selling printables… I made $1500USD that month… and now I’ve been making that amount consistently and I’m happy to say that it’s growing.”


“Big thank you to Suzi and John! I made my first sale on Etsy yesterday. Best feeling ever. Thanks so much for your teachings.”


In case it's hard to imagine so much goodness in one course....

Here are the course goodies on display for you!

  • Over 9 hours of easy-to-follow video instructions (Valued at $297)
  • 10+ done-for-you graphic & design templates (Valued at $197)
  • Learn Canva & Powerpoint to create your own digital products (Valued at $97)
  • Launch your own free "Resource Library" to grow your audience (Valued at $97)
  • Printable Market Research (Valued at $77)
  • The Blog Shop Course (Valued at $197)
  • Write Your Ebook in a Day (Valued at $97)
  • Course Slide Deck & Workbook with 30/60 Day Growth Plans (Valued at $47)
  • 6 Printable Mistakes & How to fix them (Valued at $47)
  • Premium Checkout Template (Valued at $197)
  • Etsy Launch Strategy (Valued at $97)
  • Marketplace Scaling Blueprints (Valued at $67)
  • The Printable Funnel Method (Valued at $97)
  • 2 Complete Printable Funnel Maps (Valued at $127)
  • 100+ Printable Ideas to grow your list and income (Valued at $47)
  • 6 Scaling Strategies to take your Printable store from $1,000  $100,000+ (Valued $297)
  • Create Your Own Graphics from Scratch with Free Tools (Valued at $47)

Total Value = $2,129

Today's Price = Only $197

Printables Success Stories

I have gone from being barely able to create a lead magnet to now creating 60+ page home organizing bundle packs and actually selling them (43 and counting)! 30 days in and I am close to $400. It’s a great feeling!!!
I think what has been most rewarding for me is something I did not realize I would learn, and it is in fact priceless.  I learned to believe in myself.  I learned I could learn new things even at 46 as I am starting over.  I see my future can be whatever I want it to be as long as I work hard and keep giving my all.  So in that respect, thank you does not seem adequate enough. 
What you taught me was so much more valuable than I can put into words.  I can’t recommend you or this course enough!”


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your Printables by Number course. Today I sold my first printable coloring book (well actually this is the first thing I have ever sold). So far I have made $300 off of a $3 coloring book 

I can’t believe it! This is such a confidence boost. Tomorrow is my birthday and I feel over the moon knowing that I created something people actually wanted to purchase! Best birthday gift to myself 
Thank you for your help with a big personal win for me!”


“Suzi you are absolutely amazing!! I opened an Etsy store for printable planners in the last week of October and already have almost 1200 sales.

I have made more than $3000 till now on the Printables store.

I wanted to thank you because your Printables course and your YouTube videos got me thinking about the niche I wanted to start on Etsy.

God bless you and John for all the nothing-held-back help you provide! I am going to teach my son (who’s a freshman in college) because he wanted to help pay his tuition and is very interested in this.“


“I’m not emailing you to tell you how you can help me. I’m letting you know that you already helped me more than you’ll ever know!

I’ve been following you for a couple of years now. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long. Wow! But despite running into other people around the internet who I have listened to, signed up for their emails, or subscribed to their social media or YouTube channels, YOU have been, by far, the biggest help in getting my blog/business off the ground and coached me  through my very first small digital product launch.
I’ve bought most of your courses, which have been so easy to digest – both price and content. As a newbie, I didn’t have a big budget to spend on trying to get things going. 

After a few weeks of warming up my email list, I launched the product to my audience. Here are my results:

$1,585 gross sales (plus, I’ve made about $250 more since then)

I figure for a first-time, that’s not too bad for someone with a small niche, small untrusting audience (of baby boomers), and a low-priced product.​”


“I also wanted to share with you that I have made my first 1,500 euros with my digital products and my first course! I’ve gotten all your products (all but 1 or 2, perhaps) so you are my greatest teacher and insipiraton so I owe you a big THANK YOU!“

Micha M.

“As of today I’ve made over 350 sales on Etsy! Your printables course is AMAZING!“


Hi Suzi,

Recently sent you an email blast about Advent Calendars. I read it and then went about my day. When I woke up the next morning I was inspired to create my own Advent Calendar - for DOGS! It was based off a handout I created years ago I took the information and revamped it and turned it into a freebie and created my first landing page as well.

Thank you for all you do to help other people be successful. I created my first printable bundle and in the very first week I had $140 in sales! Yay! I know that sales page template in Thrivecart was a big reason for my success. It has helped me showcase my product so much better and I know that converts into sales.


Hi Suzi and John! 
I wanted to share my successes with you both since you both played a part in it.  In March of last year I bought EBA. By November I gave up because I had 33 subscribers. I was just done. 
I had already been blogging off and on since December of 2015. Most I made in 5 years of blogging was $18. Then one day I got this idea to start completely over so I bought Blog by Number this was now December (2019). 
I already had a couple of your courses. So I knew your teaching style and already adored you. So I jumped in and devoured the course along with the other courses I already had. 
I worked like crazy until March when I almost lost my dad and took an entire month and half off. May 1st I sat down and made a plan. I told myself I have until the end of June to make this work or I will have to go back to work.
So I went back through Printables by Number when I got the email that you updated it. 
December  – April Stats: 
*68 Subscribers 
*made $0. (was using sendowl) 


May Stats: 
*12,045 PV’s (Traffic started going up end of second week of staying consistent) 
*229 Subscribers 
*4 Sales!!!! (I took a leap of faith and bought ThrivecartPro from the Printables by Number course. This is where my thank you to John comes in!) 
and…… I got 2 more sales today!!!! 
Learning as I go.
I have to keep pinching myself because I never thought I would get over 5,000 PV’s in a month let alone actually make some money. With everything going on in our country right now I wanted to share some good news and say thank you!!! 
6 weeks later update: I’ve made a total of $358 (58 sales!) and I now have 950 subscribers! 


Hi Suzi and John, 

I bought Printables by Number and Services by Number when they launched. And as all of your stuff always is, they were both awesome!
I started making printables for my own blog and am currently working on an ebook.
Plus, I got a first time client 2 weeks ago to make a printable for her. It was just a one pager, but now she is back with repeat business. It’s a much larger project, so that means more money. And she even referred someone else to me for printable work as well! I couldn’t be happier. 
Your courses really gave me the skills I needed and the confidence to feel like I could go out here and do this. THANK YOU!