Freedom By Number eBook


Ready to understand exactly how online businesses get so successful? The Freedom by Number ebook is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to start their own business. It’s packed with information on how to find the perfect business idea, create a plan of action, and monetize your new venture + a bonus action focused workbook.



Here is everything you’ll get inside the Freedom By Number ebook filled with golden nuggets!

  • Building Raving Fans. Discover how a complete nobody became one of the top guides in a crowded market.
  • Use the “3-P Planning Method” to hone in on the perfect business idea and create momentum from day 1.
  • Most entrepreneurs build a business they hate. Learn how you can engineer a dream business from the ground up.
  • Learn the 5 best ways to monetize your new digital business and which 3 methods you should avoid at all cost!
  • Should you blog, podcast, or start a YouTube channel? Learn how to strategically choose the right marketing channel for your growing freedom business.
  • Free? $5? $5,000? How to price your products at each stage of your freedom journey so you consistently delight your customers AND grow your brand at the same time.
  • 3 Traffic hacks for beginners – You can have the best advice and products in the world, but how can you kick start your traffic engine? I’ll show you exactly what we did.
  • The two growth curves. My wife and I took two uniquely different approaches when we built our businesses. I’ll help you decide which route YOU should take.
  • Creating Content that Converts. Simply journaling about your life or the latest show you watched will not bring you customers. Learn the framework we use to consistently deliver quality content.
  • Your ideal customer only cares about 3 things. Learn what they are and how you can serve them best.
  • Learn why it’s an absolutely terrible idea to start a YouTube Channel AND a Facebook Page AND a Tik Tok channel in the beginning (and what to do instead).
  • Learn the Journey Stages and how to choose your own adventure based on your individual strengths and passions.
  • Finally learn the truth about sales funnels… without the “guru-speak” and flashy cars.
  • Your business only needs 3 main offers to scale. Learn exactly what they are and the biggest mistake most people make when designing them.
  • Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and learn how to measure, experiment, and improve your conversion rates
  • Think you need a big budget to scale your business? Wrong! Learn a 100% free way to scale that only takes 10 minutes to implement.
  • Use the “5 Ones” to build your business blueprint on a single sheet of paper
  • Learn the shockingly simple math behind the most successful businesses, and how you can almost predict your future income.

…And so much more

You’ll also learn which marketing channels are best for your specific online business. With this book, you can finally achieve the freedom you desire. It provides all the information you need to get started on your new journey. Plus, it’s written in an easy-to-read style that makes learning fun and exciting. It also comes with a practical workbook to help you take action faster.

In short, we are spilling the beans on how we went from sleep-deprived new parents just struggling to make it through each day… 

To growing a $100,000 per month online business from our home office, with daily “date lunches” and picking up the kids together.


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