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Step 1: Build Your Brand

If you are just getting started building your own freedom business, I want you to have a complete roadmap so you can accelerate quickly along the right road. These products are designed to help you identify & build your brand right from the beginning.

freedom by number course

Freedom by Number

The blueprint to designing a freedom-focused business. Get the plan that you cannot wait to execute on!

Blog by Number

The complete guide to start and grow your own blog from scratch - for complete beginners!

niche by number course

Niche by Number

Create a powerful business plan to learn who to serve, where to find them, and how to connect with them.

Step 2: Create & Sell Your Offer

Most entrepreneurs get stuck for months trying to perfect their first digital product before ever launching or promoting it. After launching dozens of products and helping thousands of entrepreneurs launch their own, we’ve created an easy to follow and effective process that can accelerate your product creation & launch.

services by number course

Services by Number

Discover your most valuable skills and launch your own client - focused agency, step-by-step.

printables by number course

Printables by Number

Create and launch small digital products to grow your list and income. Make sales in as little as 3 days from starting!

course by number course

Course by Number

Monetize your expertise through with your own signature course or coaching offer - even if you don't think you're an expert.

Mini Products & Templates

If you need a quick win in your business, use the mini products and templates below. They are action packed and will give your business the boost it needs to keep growing.

The Planner Template

Get 100 gorgeous planner template pages to help you grow your list or create your own digital product quickly!

little product launchkit

Little Product Launchkit

All the templates and steps you need to create, and sell your very first successful digital product in record time.

100 heroes templates

100 Heroes

Get 100 different product mockups you can use to feature your products and boost conversions through the roof!

Master Your Tools

Our courses will teach you everything you need to be successful with your tech, but if you want to go even further with your online business, we created special offers and templates for the best tools available!

Done for you sales funnels

Don't let the tech or design hold you back from launching! We've pre-built sales funnels for you that you can use to launch in record time. Simply choose your preferred business tool:

Thrivecart | Systeme.io

Thrivecart Bonus

Get free lifetime access to the deepest training on Thrivecart through our special bonus offer.

Jasper Bonus

Master creating content with AI with the 5 Day Jasper Challenge. Get it for free when you use our affiliate link to get Jasper!

Why Choose Us?

After teaching well over 100,000 students over the past 7+ years, we continue to refine, improve, and simplify our courses to get our students results as quickly as possible!


All our trainings follow our freedom roadmap and include bite-sized action steps you can take each day to move towards your goals.


We don't expect you to be professional bloggers, marketers, or computer geeks. Learn with us in "normal speak" as we build your business together.

Access to Support

We are proud to stand by our students and offer ongoing support to help you cross the finish line with each premium course.

Course Updates

Tech & strategies change rapidly, which is why we update our courses often. Current students get free updates to the version they purchased and discounts to upgrade to a new versions of the course.

Over 100,000 Happy customers


$10,000 per month

After taking Suzi’s Blog By Number course, things started to change. I had my blog up and running in a week, and started publishing consistently. I started making money consistently. I started getting income from affiliate marketing, and even launched my own course! Now I am making well over $10,000 per month with my blog, and Suzi helped me get my start! She is truly an inspiration and she definitely knows the ins and outs of the blogging world!

$2,382 in one month from online sales

I wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for all that you do and share. With 2,000 subscribers, I generated $2,382 last month between my courses and affiliate income, my highest monthly revenue so far! Discovering your blog was one of the best early birthday gifts I could have ever received!



Saved me countless hours of frustration

I am so incredibly thankful I found Blog by Number before I even started my blog. It saved me countless hours of frustration and feeling isolated in the process. Honestly, without her tips and email encouragement, I likely would have given up before I’d finished my website.


$4,000+ per month with printables!

I have had an amazing first few months of selling printables online! My sales increase each month and I finally work from home full-time selling printables! I’ve been a student of Suzi and John's courses for over 2 years now and all are golden nuggets especially Printables by Number if you want to get started creating printables for your business!

It really is a steal for the price

For all the content information you have in BBN it really is a steal for the price. Thank you for presenting the materials in such a down to earth, understandable way. It comes through that you care and love your customers and want to see us succeed. Thank you so much.


$5,000 per month from a confidence building course!

“Yesss!! I‘m so happy, I just got to a new milestone and I‘m now making with this course around $5000 revenue/month and it’s really thank’s to your course.”


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