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Here are the next steps so you can get started immediately!

For Brand New Students

If you have never enrolled in any Freedom By Number / Start A Mom Blog / Income Mesh products before, you will be getting a few emails in the next few seconds:

Email #1: Your Purchase Receipt:

Please hold onto this as it has quick links to contact support!

Email #2: Your Teachable Enrollment Emails

These are simply notice emails that trigger to confirm that the correct courses & products have been added to your account

Email #3: “Redeem Your Copy of ” email (this one’s important)

In this email you’ll see a link that will allow you to complete setting up your account and logging you into our member’s area. Once your account is created, you should see all your content nicely laid out for you inside the school!

For returning customers

For all you amazing return customers, the process is super simple: Simply log back into the school and all your content should be listed automatically!

Frequently Asked Questions / Common issues

99% of the time this is caused by typing your email address incorrectly at checkout. To fix, simply email support@freedombynumber.com and include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • The email you are enrolled in the school with
  • The email you purchased with
  • The general date / time of purchase

Our team will find the missing transaction and link up your account easy peasy!

If you’re an existing student and only seeing some of your content, it’s most likely because you have two different email addresses on file. We can help consolidate this for you!

Simply fill out a migration request here and our team will get your accounts squared away within 72 hours or so!

No worries – simply reset your password by clicking here and entering the email address you use to log in.