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Need personal help? We got you covered!

Why not offer a membership?

Our students have asked us countless times to launch a membership. While we’d love to, we understand the huge negative factors of a membership.

  1. No body likes reoccurring payments
  2. Chatting in a community can serve as a form of procrastination
  3. There is always drama inside a membership (even with a great moderator)
  4. Students want personal help with their specific problem which is hard to do when there are thousands of members in a group
  5. We would have to charge $$$ for a monthly membership which would price out most of our students

So here is how we can help you in a much better, more personal way.

Get Personal Help

Book time with us

If you need 1:1 personal help with your specific problem, book time with us! This gives you the highest level of support in the fastest possible way.

Like Free?

Can’t afford it?

We produce a lot of free content and go live as often as we can to serve our audience. If we had a huge membership we would not have time to create content for free that serves a wider audience. Subscribe to our channels to catch all the new content!