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What You'll Learn

Day 1: How to plan, create, and schedule a month's worth of social media posts in an afternoon

Day 2: How to create SEO-Ready Blog Posts in under 1 Hour

Day 3: How to create mouth-watering sales copy (especially if you're not a natural sales person!)

Day 4: How to write catchy emails that your audience will love to read, driving traffic to your blog posts, affiliate offers, and products!

Day 5: How to turn your new writing skills into a $5,000 per month side hustle!

"I cranked out five blog posts today in under an hour. Took about another hour and a half to clean everyone up, but WOW. I'm hooked! Jarvis for liiiiife!!" - NIDIA

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John & Suzi

Suzi is the founder of startamomblog.com, and has helped over 100,000 moms plan, launch, and grow their own professional blogs.

John left his Industrial Engineering career when startamomblog.com started outpacing his salary. He now runs multiple blogs, YouTube channels, and courses with his wife, and couldn't be happier.