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Thanks for purchasing your Planner Template! Would you like to launch your entire digital product with a single click?

Don't get caught in the tech! We've done it all for you!

Introducing the "Sales Page In An Hour" Done-for-you template

Here's the deal. John and I know that the place most people get stuck is in setting up the tech.

They don't know what platform to use, or setting it up takes a computer science degree...

So we decided to take care of all of that for you with our 100% done-for-you template!

We've taken the most time-tested sales page design, and created a magical link for you to click and set it all up in an instant.

This has never been possible before, and we are so excited for you to use it!

Not only do you get the design, but we've also included a super short and action focused training where we can set everything up so you're ready to sell, collect money, and build your audience in under 20 minutes!

And this is all set up using 100% free software, so this works on every budget!

Here's what it will do for you

  • Within 1 hour, you'll be able to have a complete online selling system set up to build your digital product business
  • You won't need to rely on a third party marketplace to sell - this means that traffic you send won't see your competitors... they'll only see your beautiful products
  • You'll be able to collect money AND build your email list from day (with about 30 minutes of work!)
  • You WON'T be stuck for weeks & months being caught in "tech heck"
  • You'll have a proven framework to sell digital products that can easily be sold for between $7 and $97+

Here's exactly how it works

  • As soon as you purchase, you'll get a special link that will magically "import" your entire sales page, check out form, order confirmation page, and download page into a brand new professional funnel account
  • We are using the new super simple online marketing platform for these funnels because
    • It's simple and free
    • It has everything you need to get your digital product, online course, service, or coaching business off the ground
    • We want you to get success as fast as possible without getting stuck in the tech
  • Once you import your funnel, simply tweak the design, add your own images, set up you payment account and you're ready to sell
  • Even if you already have an expensive software for your business - you should probably check this out to see if you can save hundreds of dollars per month (while simplifying everything)
  • You'll also get lifetime access to a short, over the shoulder training where I show you exactly how to import & edit the funnel to get it ready for sale in record time

Add the "Sales Page In An Hour" Done-for-You Template to Your Order Now

Speed & Simplicity... This offer is a no-brainer!

If you purchase this template today and put an hour of work into it, you'll have everything done and ready to go by bed time.

You'll be ready to sell your new digital products!

And speed is everything.

I've also added a crazy good deal to this page: 50% off the funnel, but it's ONLY available on this page.

And I really want you to get it now vs later... because one of two scenarios are going to happen:

Scenario 1: You skip out now, and have to end up paying double later for this exact same template.

or even worse is scenario 2:

Scenario 2: You try to go it alone to save a bit of money. You spend weeks tinkering and get completely stuck in tech land trying to se it up (we know because we've been there). Weeks later you'll realize that you should've just gone with the simple route and purchased this done for you template today.

Here's why the done-for-you route is so smart

John and I have now sold over $2MM in digital products over the past 8+ years, and have built up a community of over 100,000 beginning bloggers, course creators, and printable sellers.

Our most successful students get past the tech as soon as possible and focus on serving their customers!

And over time, we've found ways of simplifying the tools we use to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

When we discovered we could take care of all the tech for you and do it on a software with a generous free plan... we jumped for joy because it means more success for you!

So we put this offer together for you. Purchase this design once, and use it for as many funnels, products, ideas, launches, and businesses as you'd like!

Any questions?

What Software are you using?

We are using, which is the "easiest all in one marketing platform" today.

Here's a small amount from their website - but I'd encourage you explore around in their completely free account (after you finish your purchase here of course!):

All the Tools You Need Under the Same Roof

Sales Funnels

Create funnels easily based on proven templates

Email Marketing

Send unlimited emails and create email campaigns

Website Builder

Easily set up your website in under 10 minutes

Affiliate Program Management

Create an affiliate program, automate affiliate payouts

Business Automation

Save time and energy by automating your business

Evergreen Webinars

Run evergreen webinars to grow your audience and make sales

Online Courses

Build your online course, manage your students


Create high-converting content and get more traffic

Sell Products

Become a dropshipper or sell your own products

What's inside?

This purchase includes:

  • A 100% free account
  • A done-for-you sales page template
  • A done-for-you thank you page template
  • A done-for-you download page template
  • An over-the-shoulder training + step by step training to get your business set up in under an hour.


Due to the nature of digital files and templates, I cannot offer refunds or exchanges. If you have any issues accessing or using your purchase, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team and we will be more than happy to help you out! You can reach us by emailing

This purchase is for digital products only - no physical copy will be shipped.

All of our terms can be found here.

Add the "Sales Page In An Hour" Done-for-you template To Your Order Now