• Gratitude Journal


    A gratitude journal has been scientifically proven to increase happiness. It’s a great way to reflect on your day and focus on the good things that happened, the big and the small things. The gratitude journal Canva template makes it easy for you to create your own beautiful journal. You could either create a small digital product or use it as a lead magnet. There are 23 pages in the template, so you have plenty of pages to customize, brand, and use as your own.

  • Fitness Planner


    Need to create a gorgeous fitness planner? Use these 21 beautifully designed Canva templates to create your own fitness planner.

  • Adulting Stickers


    Super funny adulting Canva template stickers. Makes a great small product or bump!

  • Thanksgiving Day Activities


    20 Editable Canva Pages with Activities for the family over Thanksgiving. Coloring Pages, Word Search, Mazes, Matching, Counting, and Drawing Pages.

  • Sale!

    Kids Gratitude Journal Printables


    Super cute gratitude printable pages for kids. There are 33 different pages so you can create your own pretty gratitude journal for little ones.

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