Imagine building a list of people who adore your business!

Your email list is one of the most valuable assets of your business.

Grow & Nurture Your Email List

Grow your list and discover what to write in your emails so they get opened and read!

Consistently Convert Subscribers to Customers

I share the simple, crazy effective, and super high converting way to sell your product on day 1. Even if you have no audience or website.

Step by Step Tech Setup

Learn how to setup all the email marketing tech for your business to make sure you’re compliant and your emails don’t go to spam!

Create an email list that loves everything you do!

Learn how to build your email list from scratch, nurture your leads (even if you have a crazy busy schedule), and grow a list of ideal clients.


List by Number

Discover how to grow your list, write emails that delight your readers and consistently turn subscribers into customers! Email Templates and Click by Click Training included!


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1,000+ broadcasts…

Since 2015 we’ve sent millions of emails to our list. When it comes to email marketing, there is no better way to build an automated system of daily sales.

Build your Invisible Sales Force!

Here’s everything you get instantly inside LIST BY NUMBER

Get the templates and training to grow an email list that makes sales on autopilot.

The List by Number Course
Get the step by step, click by click training to build your invisible sales force with email marketing.
Click by Click Tech Setup
Build a business you own without being reliant on other platforms. Discover and master the software that can take your business from $0 to $1M+.
The Essential 7Ws to Effective Emails
Get the tried and true 7Ws formula I use every time to write emails that bring in thousands after I hit send.
Money on autopilot: 5 Email Sequences
Learn how to write and setup email sequences that make money while you sleep. Write them once, and watch the sales come in day after day.
200+ Email Subject Lines
Get my favorite email subject lines that get opens – so your emails stand apart in a busy inbox.
5 Day challenge email Sequence
Know exactly what to write in your 5 day challenge emails to turn new subscribers into repeat buyers.
Millions Sales Sequence
Get the 4 emails you need to write for all of your sales sequences for your products. Make it evergreen and watch the sales come in every day!

Total value: $559

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Make Sales. No Makeup Necessary.

Email marketing works beautifully while you relax in your comfortable clothes, your hair up in a bun and no makeup on. No need to make everything look perfect for social media photos or videos.

It’s already enough to build an online business and be the best mom I can be for my kids – washing windows and making my house look pristine is not my top priority. Reason #71 why I love email marketing.

Bonus #1: Companion Workbook

Use this workbook companion guide as you work through the course so you don’t miss any important steps. Studies show that you learn so much better when you add pen to paper vs simply consuming content. By the end of the workbook you’ll be well on your way building an email list that loves you!

Bonus #2: Build Your List with AI

Learn how to use AI effectively to help you grow and nurture your list. When you get stuck or don’t know what to say, you can use these amazing tools to help you stay in the flow and do your best work!

Bonus #3: The Landing Page Template

Use the exact landing page template we’ve used to grow our list by 1,000+ new subscribers per day!

Bonus #4: The 5 Essential Sequences

Imagine writing your emails once and building an invisible sales force that brings in sales while you sleep!

Who this is for:

Build your invisible sales force and make sales while you sleep.

Write those emails once. Set them in an automation. And watch as the sales come in day after day.

Work Smart, Not Hard.

Email Marketing Made Simple & Repeatable

Get List by Number and learn how to write emails that make sales – without being salesy. Discover the simple strategies that work every time – so you can setup an email automation that brings in sales every day!

You got this! Just imagine how it will feel writing an amazing email once – and having it work for you over and over again!

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💵Get $97 Credit

💵 When you get List by Number for $197$97 this week, we will GIVE YOU a $97 credit to use on any printables in our store!

Frequently Asked Questions

You get access to the List by Number Course and All the Templates instantly after purchase. And you have lifetime access to the content, so if you’re busy, you can always come back to the content.

You can keep the course and access to the templates forever!

Not at all! You can write emails that converts to affiliate offers, services or bring additional traffic to blog posts or videos. To be wise, you should be building your email list even if you don’t have a product to sell yet. This will help you start building a relationship with your readers, so once you’re ready to sell your own product, they’ll be eager and excited, and you won’t come off as pushy since you’ve been talking to them and building a beautiful relationship.

Yes! If you already have an email list, but you’re struggling to grow that list or make sales from your list, then List by Number is for you. The course will show you how to create better freebies to grow a larger list and write emails that delight your readers to convert them to customers.

Over the past decade we’ve used dozens of different software programs to grow our email list. It would be impossible to teach every single one in this course, so we’ve launched our own software that can be used across all the By Number courses. FreedomKit allows you to build a gorgeous website, landing pages, funnels, do email marketing, launch courses and memberships in an all in one platform. As a student of List by Number, you’ll get a special offer for FreedomKit to build your business all in one place so you’ll never have to move again.

Of course you can use whatever platform you want and apply the money-making strategies we teach in the course.

The course is a total of 287 minutes (4.7 hours) of recorded video, and many text lessons as well. Along with a workbook and resources for each part, here is the exact breakdown of the course.

Importance of Email Marketing8min
Getting a Professional Email Address20min
Connecting Domains6min
The Right Email Marketing Setup20min
Creating Magnetic Lead Magnets48min
Building Your Email Funnel45min
Essentials of Landing Pages (Landing page template included with FreedomKit)8min
The 5 Most Important Email Sequences (Fill in the blank templates included)15min
Automations and Sequences (Fill in the blank templates included)30min
Sending Broadcasts and Campaigns23min
The 7Ws of Email Writing (Detailed Template Included for Each Part)25min
Driving Traffic to Your Funnels30min
Next Steps for Success4min

Yes! Instead of creating one massive, and expensive, By Number course, we break down specific teachings into different courses. And no matter where you want to start, you can always add on another By Number course as your business grows. The other By Number courses, such as Blog, Printables and Course work beautifully with List by Number. You can use your blog traffic to grow your email list. You can create printables to both serve as freebies or small products in your email marketing funnel. And you can use Course by Number to create a small workshop that is used as a freebie to grow your list. All the courses build on each other so you can learn at your own pace and build your freedom business with calmness and peace.