Services By Number

The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Launch Your Digital Service Business In 30 Days… To Grow Your Skills, Brand, And Income!

You're ready to launch your online business and you've heard about this "passive income" thing...

You've thought about starting a blog...

But you realize you don't have months to wait for traffic to pick up before you start earning real money...

You've thought about selling pdfs on Etsy...

But then you see the competition on the platform, and wonder how you will ever stand out...

You've thought about building a "Funnel"...

But you don't feel like an "expert" yet and don't have the confidence to create your "signature offer" yet...

I hear you!

You need a way to build the skills, brand, and confidence... but you can't wait months before making real money.

What if you stopped spinning your wheels searching for views, likes, and shares...  And started getting paid to become an expert?

That might sound a little ... "out there" but don't worry, I'm going to show you exactly how it works.

There is an inconvenient truth about "Passive Income" these days...

There is so much content out there that it can take FOREVER to hit your stride and create a meaningful income
Skepticism is at an all-time high, and you need to PROVE your expertise before you can become "an authority"
People aren't looking for information... they need solutions to their most important problems... and they are willing to pay for them

And that's exactly where Flexible Virtual Services come in.

You can start making a fill-time income while:

Multiplying your Skills
Strengthening your Brand
Building your Confidence
Growing your Passive Income

And the best part? You get paid your worth from the very first client.

Introducing the Services By Number System

Step 1: Mapping Your Offer

Identify the services to offer:

A) What are you an expert at (or want to become an expert)?
B) Is in high demand (We'll show you where to look!)
C) Fits into the big picture plan for your business

Step 2: Crafting Your Portfolio

Even as a beginner, there are several easy steps you can take to become a trusted expert in your field.

Step 3: Attracting Clients

Zero sleasy sales tactics. Zero High-pressure situations. Zero Facebook ads. Learn the client-getting method that is simple, affordable, and can be done while enjoying your favorite Netflix show at night!

Step 4: Delivering Quality Work

Learn how to create professional proposals, manage communication, deal with getting paid, and all the stuff that will make your clients love you and your work!

Step 5: Scaling Your Income

People say you can’t scale if you are just trading time for dollars. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Learn my favorite 4 scaling methods to grow your service business revenue (without doing more work!)

Your flexible service business is the perfect gateway to a profitable, scalable, and fulfilling online business

Services By Number

Launch your digital service business in 30 days... to grow your skills, brand, and income!

Here's everything that's included

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Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn & accomplish inside of Services By Number

  • How focusing on the PQR2 framework can help you identify the perfect angle to approach new clients and increase your conversion rate
  • Get the daily task list that will set you up for getting your first paying client in less than 30 days (even if you are starting from scratch!)
  • Don’t think you have marketable skills? Get a breakdown of perfect virtual jobs for every skillset and schedule
  • Find out how to create an automated system that saves tons of time identifying, booking, scheduling, and closing clients
  • Learn how to create quality content that attracts new prospects
  • Learn how to deliver results to your clients in a way that is authentic, high-quality, and efficient
  • On a budget? I’ll make sure to include a complete setup using 100% free tools to help you get revenue started before you invest anything else in the business
  • Fix your broken online resume and create a “skill halo” around your online reputation to build confidence with your prospects
  • Learn how to turn a $100 per month client into a $500-$1,000 client with a 4-step scaling method
  • Learn specific strategies on time management and client satisfaction
  • Discover what you are good at and build your business around it
  • “Selling yes” is the most common mistake new service providers make. Fix this problem in the beginning and you’ll avoid so much stress!
  • Understand your target market with the F.R.E.D. exercise so you’ll who to pursue and who to avoid!
  • Create a professional website in minutes that shows off your skills and expertise
  • Build an impressive portfolio of your work so all your prospects are immediately interested to learn more and work with you
  • Set up a social proof engine to build authority in your niche
  • Find out where to find your perfect clients and how to engage with them in a non-salesy way
  • Learn how to fix the broken “discovery call” model and what to do instead to build a qualified list of clients coming to YOU.
  • Stop wasting your time and money on Facebook ads when beginning to build your business.
  • Get an easy and fun way of reaching out to clients that delight them and give value in advance
  • Find out what your clients want, when they want it, and save hours of back-and-forth communication
  • Actually enjoy talking to clients with zero “ninja sales tactics”
  • Stop feeling like you need to jump every time a client sends you an email with our simple client onboarding method.
  • Learn how to say “no” without giving up on the job or hurting your client relationship
  • Create professional proposals in record time that will impress all your clients (and save your butt!)
  • Avoid awkward conversations about money and get paid what you’re worth
  • Learn how to maintain personal space and boundaries so you always have time for what’s important to you
  • Scale your service business 4 different ways so you have reliable growth with less work
  • Build your brand by capturing powerful testimonials from your clients on autopilot
  • Struggling to increase your prices? I’ll give you specific strategies at each stage of your business to grow

And that’s just a small preview of what’s in the course ????

Want to get super tactical? Then you’re going to love these BONUSES!

Document Templates

Get Done for you Proposals, Contracts, and Invoice Templates… everything you’ll need to look professional to your clients from day 1.

Professional Website Designs

It’s hard to feel confident in your services if your website looks like it was from 1998… but don’t worry, I got you!

You’ll get a collection of easy-to-use and professional-looking templates so you’ll LOVE your professional WordPress website!

Click by Click Tech Walkthroughs

Follow the simple over-the-shoulder tutorials on how to set up your website, your booking system… everything you need to guarantee that your entire process runs smoothly and your clients are impressed with you from day 1.

Bonus Profit Calculator

Easily find out how much profit you’ll be able to make depending on the service you offer. Find gaps and opportunities to maximize profits while delighting your clients.

I want your clients to give you amazing reviews too!

Set up my advanced marketing flows & Integrations - Highly recommended!

Great teacher - integrity - generosity - can't recommend enough!!

You make it seem so very simple!

Again I want to say that I really appreciate your teaching style. You make it seem so very simple. I'm excited to start the trainings for Thrivecart this week!


Honest, values-driven content

Thank you for provideing honest, values-driven content and teaching, not only on funnels, but on entrepreneurship, life and business


You're My Hero!

OMG John! Thank you soooo much. you're my hero. You and Suzi are a true Godsend to my life.


Honest and effective education in the digital marketing space -  he's one in a million

An absolute master at what you do

Doubled my subscribers!

For the 7-day period of December 21-27, I averaged 128 subscribers a day --- which is more than double. I'm super thrilled by this - It makes me excited to think about how this could grow even further if I can scale the ads!


Saved me so much time!

You have already saved me so much time with the content in your conversion training. I would have scrapped certain things completely rather than A/B test them. Thank you!


Best investment in a LONG time!

Just bought your Funnel Toolkit (closed our eyes and dove in)... Man, I'm glad I did that. Best R1k I've spent in SUCH a long time!


A couple of highlights from past live clients

John went out of his way to help me - he's a real person and cares about his students

We love the way offering services gives you a chance to build your brand & income - and we are living proof.

Hi there, I'm Suzi

Since leaving my corporate career as an Industrial and Systems engineer in 2014 I’ve had the honor of helping over 100,000 moms start and grow their blogs.

When I became a stay at home mom I searched for a way to bring in a little income, while taking care of my babies. And finding that perfect mix of work life vs mom life was a true challenge.

But once I discovered that you can build a little brand for yourself online, grow a blog or get clients, the whole world opened up!

However you choose to monetize your skills, be it through blogging, virtual services, clients, small digital products or signature courses, I pray you have mountains of success!

All of the methods work together to build your brand and income. I’ve done services, blogging and sold digital products. The more income streams you can build, the stronger your business will grow.

And I'm John

After Suzi and I built our blog to make a full-time income, I knew it was time for me to quit my job and dive in full-time along with my wife.

But I knew that it had taken months before our first blog started to make any real money… and I didn’t want to put all that pressure on Suzi.

So as soon as I left in December 2018, I started offering flexible virtual services from the skills I had learned while helping Suzi grow her blog.

After my first 30 days of leaving my job, I had made over $10,000 – more than my engineering salary!

While I was offering these services, I continued to build my brand, my passive income, and my confidence to become an authority in my space.

But offering services from day 1 made all the difference in my ability to succeed as an entrepreneur.

When you finish Services By Number, you'll know exactly how to:

Develop a set of high-value skills that you can offer at a premium price (to just the right type of customer)
Build out a professional online presence that will have your future clients excited to work with you
Set up an automated find, qualify, book, and impress your prospects (no more email back-and-forth!)
Identify, attract, and impress the perfect client so they are excited to talk to you and have you help them
Onboard and fulfill your new clients like a complete professional – clear communication & professionalism
Scale your service business so you can make more money without spending more time behind the desk

Got a question? I've got your Answer

Do I need to buy any expensive tools or software for this to work?

Not at all! You can set up your entire business using 100% free tools like Zoom, Calendly, and PayPal, and I’ll show you how. There are a few benefits of some premium software, but they are completely optional

How much time will it take to get a paying client?

If you spend ~1 hour per day on Services by Number and follow the steps, you should have at least one paying client within 30 days (it could be as fast as 7 days for you go-getters!)

Does this only work for blogging or website building?

Absolutely not! Throughout the course I’ll be using a few different examples of virtual services that can be offered. But truly any service that doesn’t require you to clock in and go to an office can work with Services By Number.

Does this only work for blogging or website building?

Absolutely not! Throughout the course I’ll be using a few different examples of virtual services that can be offered. But truly any service that doesn’t require you to clock in and go to an office can work with Services By Number.

I don't have any followers or an email list... will this work for me?

This is specifically designed for you. I didn’t have a list, and I didn’t “mooch” off of Suzi’s audience, and I was still able to get clients and make a full-time income within my first month of effort

What if I don't have a consistent work schedule?

Don’t worry – I started my service business with 2 toddlers bouncing around my feet. I’ll show you how to structure your business to be flexible to work around your schedule, while still delighting your clients!