Super Simple Weekly Schedule

  • Accomplish your goals easily
  • Feel totally in control of your tasks
  • Stay focused on the right things
  • And knock out your to-do list

What others are saying about this guide:

I use this schedule whenever I feel overwhelmed

I love this! I tried this out last year and it was such a huge help. Now, I use this schedule whenever I feel overwhelmed. I used it just recently to help us settle into a new home and plan a COVID19 housewarming. Thank you so much for this post and for sharing this planning method. I loved this so much that I created a layout for it that I could put into my planning binder. I’m giving the layout as a free printable on my blog (thanks to your blogging and printables info!).

JAMIE  //  Blogger

I love this task-scheduling method!

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this task-scheduling method! It’s like having a planner I can just glance up and look at, rather than having to flip through a notebook. All in all, I LOVE being able to move post-its around and this method has really helped me to see the bigger picture and schedule tasks in ways where I KNOW I’ll be able to get them done (which certainly wards off procrastination. As a work-from-home mom of 7 month old, this is important. Your posts are always packed with helpful ideas.

JENNIFER //  Blogger

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